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Regarding recent events and moving into 2017...

Hey all,

I'm posting this now after a break so we've had time for the air to clear and the proverbial dust to settle. Smile We know we've had some antagonism between several users recently and that's spilled over into a bit of kerfuffle. The thread in question has been archived (or will be shortly) and is still there, you just have to go looking for it. The A&M team didn't feel it was fair to censor or remove content since all sides were able to weigh in and make their case. Yes, it wasn't exactly framed how we wanted it to be framed but I think we've learned a lot of lessons from it and it's better to have it still accessible than completely stomping over everything. There will be disagreements and problems, we're not going to hide from that fact. The important thing is we learn from them and take stuff on board as a community.

However, it did highlight a few key things that need to happen going forward. We recognise that there's a bit of tension between groups and users about how there might be a problem if one particular brand or way of doing things (commercial or otherwise) gets too large and begins to negatively affect the community as a whole. There needs to be competition and diversity, it's how we'll keep things fresh and moving forward. To balance that, we're working on a project that will make it easier for individual groups to leverage the community's resources and experience to start organising new games in new locations. There's a strong history of groups working together when starting out and we're planning to take that forward. You might have heard about BritNerf Ltd in places, well this whole issue has given us a new kick up the backside to get it going. Expect to hear more in the new year.

I just want to say, and the A&M team probably agree with me on this one, that the British community is the biggest bunch of nutters we've ever come across but for a tiny wet little island in the north Atlantic, we kick arse. Without all of you wonderful folks, we wouldn't be able to show the rest of the world how it's done. Keep being awesome and lets move forward, taking the positive stuff with us.

On behalf of the A&M team

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