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Q. Sledgefire mod

I really want to like the Sledgefire. It's never going to be a viable primary, but it has so many things going for it: it shoots 3 darts at once, it's a comfortable size for a fully-grown human to use, it looks cool... but somehow I just can't quite bring myself to love it.

What mods would you do to make it lovable? Is it even worth the effort?

There's a spring eject mod to make the shells properly pop out. Doesn't add to the performance, but speeds up reloading and looks cool.

I bought one as a birthday prezzie for my other half and we both love to mess about with it. Is it a good war blaster? Nope. Does it put a massive shit-eating grin on my face when I play with it? Yup! Do I randomly make Ash J Williams quotes when using my boom stick? Groovy!

I think the fun factor is the biggest selling point for this one, coupled with good looks and potential for cosmetic mods to look awesome.

I've got a 3d printed singleshot conversion for mine (possibly the only useful "modded blaster" I've ever bought used!) and it's pretty cool, though it doesn't have any real barrel so it's way less potent than it could be. It's just such a great shell!

Yeah, I've seen the single shot conversion, but one of the things I like about it is the shotgun effect.

The blasterparts spring is a bugger to fit, but gives it a little bit more oomph.

You can get really good single shells from Lasergnomes - theirs is noticably better than the chinese 3d printed single elite one I have, and they also do a mega firing shell

The eject sping mod is easy to do, but i've never had it make a massive difference

I did this to mine which made it loveable but utterly utterly rubbish at firing anything Smile


I like the spring eject mod! I think it was blastaway who did a video on it...

Found it!

I've never seen it done, haven't really studied the internals and I don't know enough about springer mods to say it would be a great idea but that being said..
Couldn't you fix and seal the barrel with a fixed an sealed cartridge,
cut off the front you don't need so you can access the front of the cartridge,
free whatever lever is cranking it (or add your own to the now defunct hinge),
then chop down your remaining shells to make multiple speed loaders.

You'd the have a sawn off front loader with an underslung priming handle with better (?) seals.

You could potentially scavenge smart AR components from a rough cut and put them in the back of the cartridge before fixing if you fancied, so if you wanted a 'singled' shot with that performance gain then all you'd have to do is load one dart.

Easy to write, hard to do I suspect..

Makes it more workable as a master key too.. Though it looks so massive that may not be best. Tactical grip would make it more pistolly.

I love the sledgefire, it just looks the buisness but to be honest if you want a war practical shotgun your better off with a spam cannon.

Re-sprung cycloneshock with a shotgun cylinder.

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