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Posting Etiquette

It saddens me to say this but there has been a general dip in the post quality on the forum. The A&M team have discussed this at length and it has been decided that corrective measures must be taken for "the greater good".

As we become bigger and more international, it becomes very important that users observe good levels of spelling and grammar when posting. We know it makes it easier to type quickly. We know that some of you do not have much time to contribute to the forum. We know that it can be difficult when typing with your thumbs (mobile users) and we understand that some of you may have difficulty with literacy. We get it.

Think of your posting like your handwriting or signature. Even though you may be able to read it, someone else, someone with limited literacy or for whom English is a second language, it may not be easy to read. Especially if there is little punctuation, leet or 'text speak'. This does not include standard forum abbreviations. There is already an index for those.

We understand that no one wants to sit on the forum with a dictionary by their side. Simply previewing and reading your post out loud before you hit 'Submit' is a massive help. It will make it easy to spot any careless mistakes. We are not going to be clamping down on every spelling mistake but we will step in if a user has blatantly rushed a post. We will be focusing mainly on new members in the hope that our regulars will read this and understand the reasons for a line being drawn. We often joke about the hostile way in which other forums are run but it has to be said, the post quality on one particular forum is very high as a result. By no means will we be adopting the same unwelcoming attitude of our brethren, but we hope to achieve a similar quality by appealing to you in this manner.

As a result of this crack down, the A&M team will be following the following procedure when dealing with hasty posts. These steps will only be

    Step 1 : A&M team will edit the post to make any corrections that are needed. The user will also receive a PM to explain why their post has been edited.

    Step 2 : User will receive a formal and public warning about their post.

    Step 3 : User will receive short suspension from the forum.

The existing rule about arguing with the A&M team still applies. If you wish to dispute a decision, please do so via PM in a mature way. We run this community the for the same reason you guys contribute to it.

The Britnerf community is making a name for itself now. With the world first news, ideas and research you guys are coming up with, we need to all make an effort to create an organised and professional forum in which to collate it.

Thank you all for making this forum what it is. It is the passion and commitment of our members that makes it a pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you also for understanding our position.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this issue in private.


Nobody gets the points for pointing out the massive spelling mistake in a post moaning about spelling. I am ashamed of you all.  Very Happy


There will also be a post in the near future about image sizes. BBV, please resize or remove your image.

May I add that the latest version of all major browsers (even Internet Explorer) have built-in spell checkers, but you might need to switch the feature on.

If you happen to be running a version of IE that's earlier than IE10, and for whatever reason you don't want to switch browser (fair enough, I still use IE a lot) and/or can't upgrade to IE10, you can get speckie as an add-on. It works in much the same way as the standard Microsoft spell checker, complete with the squiggly red underline and suggested corrections.


Did all members receive a pm about this or just the bad ones ?

I've not had one, if that helps

The PMs were a courtesy for the worst offenders in an effort to ensure that everybody understands where we are coming from. It also represents an opportunity for users to make us aware of any mitigating circumstances before the banhammer falls.

I'd appreciate it if you could reply to my PM. So far you are the only one who hasn't.

I'm an offender the worst I admit it. I rarely read my posts before submitting my spelling sucks and punctuation is shocking, I don't think that should result in a ban ?

I dont think so iether. It's got to be about the intention surely? I agree we should not be lazy and that txt speak does not belong on here, but sometimes people's enthusiasm gets the better of them.
Our younger users may also struggle with this, as they are used to Facearse where you can write anything. A happy medium, which keeps quality acceptable but does not make us look like elderly pedants would be nice. Perhaps a quick warning to go back and edit posts? Maybe if you get 3 of them in a week then further action could be taken?

Surely the point is that site admin/mods do think it should be bannable?

It even states that it would be a short ban

Well there's not gonna be much of a forum if bans are handed out left right and centre.I would not feel like contributing much if I was being banned to often.

As far as I can tell, a member has to make three very poor (most likely rushed) posts before they'd get a temporary suspension (the odd mistake/grammatical error doesn't count). I think the idea is for the suspension to be a last resort, and only if a member refuses to at least try to make their posts more legible. Hopefully, that should be a very rare occurrence (if there are mitigating circumstances I'm sure the admins will be more lenient as long as an effort is made).

Spelling shouldn't be a problem and should be one less thing to worry about. Every browser has the ability to spell-check and underline any incorrectly spelt words (some will be corrected automatically), or at least to have such a feature added at no extra cost, and suggest corrections with nothing more than a right-click on the underlined word.

That just leaves punctuation and grammar. It should be a case of one, very quick, read over and seeing if it sounds right. Any little mistakes that get through that check are probably not worth worrying about. If any major mistakes do somehow slip through there is always the edit button.

SSGT has hit the nail on the head.

We will not be handing out bans willy nilly. The suspension is an absolute last resort if users are not taking the hint. After all, rules mean nothing without consequence. We will be encouraging users to edit their own posts and take more care in the future.

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