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Please tell me about the Stryfe

I bought one last night as it was reduced to 9

I haven't opened it yet as I'm not sure if to keep it. The colour is hideous, that's all I know so far.



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Ok quickly as I'm at work and a Stryfe fan,

* small size
* flywheels so no pumping a handle etc
* internal wiring is simple, meaning easy to modify
* after market improvements extensive (fly wheels, cages, batteries, auto-kits etc)
* after market cosmetic's from our Far-Eastern friends is extensive
* they are cheap!

And now a couple of my Stryfes, just to show that they can be painted etc to look (I hope) better.

Work in Process

Thanks TBR, where can you get barrels and stocks from and do they do them in the hideous orange colour to match? I'm guessing I could use my white retaliator components but that'd make it look even worse.

I'm in two minds as to whether to keep it but for nine quid I'm thinking it's worth a try.

Worker offer matching accessories and stocks in orange and modulus accessory stuff matches. Search Ebay or Amazon for "Worker Nerf" or its Taobao.

There is an orange kriss vector kit now Smile

Thanks, I had a quick search but the stocks seemed expensive (more than the blaster itself) but I will keep looking.

I hadn't thought about the Modulus stuff - I didn't think that would match but on further inspection it's orange, white and some grey so I can see that it would.

Could someone possibly tell me how this blaster fares with small childish hands?  My daughter (6 years old) is getting better at priming her Rebelle faux Retaliator, but when I explained how this one works she was keen to use it, as she does find the priming mechanism on manual blasters difficult to do.  I haven't opened it yet!

Thank you

If you check the world that is taobao then there is a vast array of parts available for the stryfe and not horrendously expensive either.
If as said earlier you search this site there are a few links to taobao dotted around.

Over on discord, we collected the most essential facts that you need to know about the Stryfe blaster:

So the thing to realise about the Stryfe is that is illegal to use,  Unless used against a Scotsman

The good thing about the Stryfe is it's ability to take a second mag through the jam door. Ingenious really.  Just takes a little brute force.

The best thing about the stryfe, is the flywheel performance without the batteries

The strange thing on that blaster is that when rewiring performance gains can be brought about by placing the positive to the rear of the FWC

The stryfe has a universal clip system, you can insert the magazine the wrong way round, or upside down. And it will still fire

The best thing about the stryfe is you can use trustfires in it

I heard that the Stryfe was originally designed to replace the M16 and with a metal pusher arm can fire standard NATO ammunition

The Stryfe is now so old the originals were made from pottery rather than plastic

The stryfe can be front loaded with vortex, mega or rivals rounds and will fire these along with a dart

I heard that they are mean with the Retal final stage kit installed

Of course the Main thing with a Stryfe is to ensure the barrel is fully sealed

The 'horrible' orange is actually an attempt by Hasbro to induce kids to eat more Oranges - It failed, they ate more carrots

If you lick it it's supposed to be Citrusy

You know Stryfes used to be purple like carrots until Hasbro exclusivly breed orange ones

Dual wielding stryfe has been known to cause the player to grow additional arms to aid reloading

You need to score the flywheels for extra traction and 50% performance gains

Drill,  drill,  drill. Practice reloading your Stryfe in the local swimming baths.  The resistance will decrease reload times

The stryfes rear tac rail was designed for attaching to a cod piece

Protip: minimise your Stryfe by making a precise cut just in front of the magwell. None of the fore section is going to help you

Fit honeybadgers. Best motors for this blaster

Don't forget the duct tape around the flywheels, that adds 1/2 a tier of performance

I heard you can get the same effect by increasing 'foam build up' by grating darts over the fwc

I heard that stryfes were designed by hasbro to be the perfect home defence weapon for widowed wives

I heard that if you load a Stryfe mag with AAA batteries you've basically got a tazer

When someone refers to a Stryfe re-shell they aren't exaggerating! Hasbro, in attempt to improve their green credentials have bought up stocks of the second hand blaster and fitted them into new shells

You can increase the range your stryfe fires, by going 'pew pew pew' as you pull the trigger


Before this post decends further I am locking it.

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