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Pistol favs?

Whats your 4 favourite pistols of the moment,
not necessarily the "best" just ones you like.

Only rules are you gotta pick one from each category.

1) clip fed

2) revolver

3) smart AR

4) single shot.


1. Desolator
2. Flipfury
3. Roughcut (with two stage firing mech improved)
4. Firestrike - only picked one up last night and it feels just perfect in hand - instant favourite

EDIT: Totally didn't read this as pistols only and thought it was blasters in general. Though I guess Desolator/Stryfe/Demolisher/cut down Rapidstrike/Rapid Red/Rayven could all be counted as pistols due to their one handed operation. In my eyes, external clip/mag fed blasters don't really count as pistols, no matter how small they are.

However, if I was to choose from just what I consider to be pistols, my list would be

1. Vigilon (does internal mag count as clip fed??)
2. Flipfury (yeah it's big, but I think it gets overlooked for war practicality in favour of the Hammershot)
3. Doublestrike
4. Firestrike (Mega Bigshock converted to Rivals is a close second)

1. Retaliator: longstrike barrel, pump grip and raider stock
2. Hammershot: nuff said
3. 4Victory: great for sticking the holsters on the back of your belt and dual wielding
4. Sidestrike: the first blaster that I bought, which started my descent into addiction

1. (not really my thing but going to go) rapid red
2. Cycloneshock
3. Persuder
4. Hmm big choices here, nitefinder, pink crush or bigshock. Pink crush it is.

Re: Pistol favs?

1) Rapid Red
2) SPEEDSWARM! Or 8 shot sweet revenge
3) Dauntless
4) Tech Target Eliminator

Because 1) Worker wheels, rhinos, and fits in my hand perfectly. 2) BLAMWHIRRBLAM, obvs. 3) pirate triad! and 4) They all suck but at least this one looks like something from the Jetsons

Also, n_g, you must be an actual giant if you're using a pump action retal with a longstrike barrel and raider stock as a pistol!

1.Rapid Red (nice shell shame the grip isn't bigger)
2.Sweet Revenge (have 2 with  Atch 8 shots in and love them)
3.Doublestrike (nice and compact plus love the hammer prime)
4.Sidestrike (my go-to for single shot round)

1. Magnus
2. Cut-down Lawbringer
3. Triad
4. Jolt

Re: Pistol favs?

Northwind wrote:
Also, n_g, you must be an actual giant if you're using a pump action retal with a longstrike barrel and raider stock as a pistol!

It's pistol based, but you do have a point. I want to say the Apollo but that's also rather large for a pistol, so I think I'll settle on the Magnus. Purely because of the extremely satisfying ker chunk as you prime the slide back an forth.

Just going off what I own:

1) Buzzbee Ultra-Tek 8 (oooooooh, non-Nerf). Pretty comfy grip, very practical for the kind of games I play, good punch out of the box. Looks great painted
2) Spylight. Slam fire without the unnecessarily clunky turret of the Strongarm. Really comfy grip
3) Either the Doublestrike for its tiny Western-y goodness, or the Dauntless for the oh-so-paintable Steampunky detail
4) (Just a?) Jolt

1) Rayven ... kinda like- a pistol... Wink

2) Hammershot

3) Roughcut- not a pistol but kinda spinable!?

4) Jolt

All I use is RS's just different level of mods

And duel weld hammer shots really lol

1) retaliator
3) triad
4)boomco Halo M6 triple spring, (a class of its own) (the pistol king) (untouchable)

Experience of pistols is limited so far so this is more speccing possibles in most cases:

1) JustAStryfe - Justajolt stylee mini-Stryfe but with reversed magwell. (A definite future build).

2) Barricade - didn't expect it to but it feels really nice in my hand, but could be tempted by a Chopped down Fearless Fire for higher capacity pew.

3) Blazefire - I can see it's big and stupid but for some reason I imagine it would feel cool. Especially with that CO2 mod..

4) Honestly I haven't got much interest in these types.. I don't know why you'd take space on your rig for a pistol that still needs two hands to operate but only has one shot, but if I had to I'd take a Big shock refitted for elites or one of the Halo jobbies.

EDIT: 2nd thoughts on No2: No, until I work out how to fix the trigger pull on the FF to be easier then Barricade all the way.

1) Stryfe
2) Stryfe
3) Stryfe
4) Stryfe

Am I doing it right? Razz
UK Foam

Sweet Revenge (5x5)
Double Down

Lawbringer, doubled.
Death trooper deluxe,
Nitefinder, cut down and modified.

Rapid Pistol

I don't have a clip fed or smart AR pistol which leaves me with the Hammershot as a revolver and Bigshock as a single shot and I must admit the Bigshock is my favourite blaster all round at the moment.

1) Rapid pistol

2) Barricade!

3) none!

4) Jolt ^_^

Justajolt wrote:

3) none!

None! None! what do you mean none!

Thats a you tube video if ever I saw one 😉

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