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UK Blaster Reviews
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Blaze Storm BALLICADE!
Split strike
Nerf Desolator
Jazzo-Sazzo Springs
Rebelle round up
Doomlands Persuader VS Zombie Strike Hammershot reviews
NextX Rival ammo review
X Shot Crossbow, what mags will it take?
Doomlands Double Dealer
Nerf Rival XVII Artemis 3000
Rival Atlas - Treezy's excessively detailed review
B&M Fraudulus "build your own blaster" Modulus
Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper Deluxe.
Fire Blaze XL- offbrand Sledgefire copy
XCORTECH X3200 Chronograph
Dart Zone magnum superdrum
Accustrike Falcon Fire. + Quick spring and lock Mod
Nerf Elite Accustrike Alphahawk (Alphasquawk!)
Tacticool holdall
Some quick reviews
Off Brand 12 Dart Mag
Alien Menance Incisor
Fake secret strike...very much a noisy cricket....
K'nex K Force K-5 "Phantom" Blaster (image heavy)
Longshot Pump Action Kit
OMW HammerShot Kit (metal)
Stryfe 2s Lipo
Action Camcorder Review
Worker 22 Dart Mags
Prelude to Q&D reviews: Buzz bee Ultra Tek Brute
Hyperfire - Second on here, but first Brit video? IMR Info
[WIP] Hyperfire (2016) - UK First :P
Quick and dirty review: Zed Squad MEGA Magnus Set
BSUK MII Miranda Mag Holster (Drop Leg)
Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad Ex-3 Blaster Review
ZombieStrike Double Strike
Recon Mk2- The Un****ing.
Doomlands Lawbringer
White Stripe XD Elite Rapidstrike
Kombat Tactical Leg Holster
Rebelle Rapid Glow review
Elite Longshot review
Rebelle Fearless Fire review
Nerf Modulus Review.
Doominator Review
XD Stryfe and XD "Range" Review.
Blaster Parts Bananana Clips- Compatibility List
The Pyragon
Foam Data Services and Elite Blue Demolisher Review
N-Strike Hornet (Hulk Abomination Version)
Rebelle Secret Shot
Nerf Zombiestrike Doublestrike
Nerf Mission App Cradle.
Another video review: Nerf sledgefire
Nerf lumitron: Video review
Demolisher Review and Technical Notes
Quick and Dirty Demolisher first thoughts.
Zombie Strike Slingfire
Huntsman Auto Scout by Lanard
[WIP] Nerf Havok Fire EBF-25 - New Version
Nerf Elite Spectre.
UK Mega Magnus Review - quick thoughts
Elite Jolt review
Zombie Strike Sledgfire
AT3K Workmanship review
Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot
Lanrad Huntsman 50
N Strike Magstrike
Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow
Nerf Rebelle Power Pair Review
Rapidstrike CS-18
Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow
Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush and Internals UK exclusive!
The Other Elite Stryfe Review
Nerf Vortex Pyragon Review
Rough Cut 2x4 - a detailed text review
Elite Alpha trooper cs-12
Orange Mod Works Longshot
New 2013 Dart Tag Stinger Review
a special strongarm review.
Elite Rayven
Tactical Vest reviews?
2013 elite Rough Cut 2x4 review!
Elite Ruff cut
Elite Hail-Fire review
Vortex Diatron
Review Hail-Fire
2013 Elite Stryfe review
Review Elite Strongarm
Nerf Strongarm
Elite Triad
Lightning Blitz (1998) Review
Nerf Stryfe Review
Elite Stockade review
Nerf Elite Firestrike review
N-Strike Elite Retaliator review
N-Strike Rayven CS-18
Nerf War Gun Performance
Airzone 8 shooter dart blaster
Nerf Snapshot 8 Dart tag
Nerf retaliator
N-Strike Elite Stockade
ben 10 pistols
rayven and lumitron in the uk
Dart Tag Sharp Shot
SWARMFIRE Quick Overview.
Speedload 6
scout two pack
airzone turbo fire
the forum works!
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