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What's the latest you modded?
Go pro
Naming Blasters
Possibly the funniest blog post ever...
Not nerfy but this looks sweet (literally)
so im in the Paper :P
Tek Recon havent died yet...
some blaster observations
Morticians find a simple way to thwart the undead....
Hillbilly of the Week Award
My new youtube channel
Congratulations to VicariAce, user number 300!
Thus posted Buffdaddy Nerf and all lol'd most long and loud
Rubber band Gatling Gun
Laser Experts?
Who's into coffee
I made post 10600, what did you do today?
Happy Nerf Year
Morning All
Mah Forum Cake Day
Looking for Foam
Tesco Not so good Nerf deals
10,000 posts
Leeds Area Nerfers.
BritNerf Memes thread
Is Nerf Reddit populated by some of.....
700th Post- A thank you
Nerf on Ebay
Theres a similar website to this one :(
Boredom kills...
Pocket Universe Presents...
Trustfire names.
Battery advice
If only...
BritNerf IRC
Hello to the many lurking guests!
MCM Expo
Which A-Team member are you?
Tacticool vs no attachments
Zombie Movies
250 members
Google+ Hangouts. Circle added for Britnerf Forum Community
Going away for a bit
The Food Thread!!!!!
Letting off steam
New tactics tested in the fight against Yugo drivers...
K Series
What else do we all do apart from Nerf?
Guess what
Any Metal Fans here?
Nerf is not safe, in more ways than one
Hit 200 registered members
Anyone make Nerf films???
Nazis @ center of the earth
necroing topics
K'nex ?
New purchases
Workshop Thread
Rough Cut, Stryfe, Strong Arm
36T5. T-Shirts for Charity
NerfHaven email validation broken?
Girls Aloud
Behind the scene interview with "Humans vs Zombies"
war of the worlds
Rotary tool for Xmas
Merry Christmas
Bike valve adaptor
Who stole the milling machine
Brit Nerf forum banner.
Corporations for our german Nerf Website
Toys Are Us
Happy Birthday UKNERFWAR
PSN/XBOX Live/Steam Username Thread
Im back (and evil>:-})
Good spring supplier
Good brass supplier
Magic The Gathering.
User names.
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