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Weapon racks
how do you cut springs in a battery tray?
Soldering Iron recommendations?
Starting to use Lipo's please help
Stockade flywheels the same as...
Recommendations for a small, multi purpose microswitch?
Left veer with worker flywheels?
Broken Rhino?
Best type of worker flywheels for Barricade?
Value of a Chronograph
EAT Won't Prime
Hobbymods longshot mod
What is the best spray paint for Nerf Blasters?
I'm back.
Paint Disaster
Matching batteries to requirements
When Hydrodip goes wrong.
What is the best Nerf Primary for starters?
Worker buffer tube
What happens when you can't do any more mods?
What to do with a Barricade???
Primary Nerf Gun ?(Advice Needed)
3D printers- tell me how to think, o forum!
Rail mounted 10 dart holder
Blasterparts hammershot vs sweet revenge kit
Saying Hi
Anyone used Sledgefire 3d Printed shells?
Rotofury spring mod
Metal Hand Screws
Stampede Battery Pack
Cheapest/Best 3D printed Hammershot 7 Dart Cylinder
Stock Nite Finder spring + BSUK EAT Spring?
Discord Server for General Nerf Chat
Worker mega to elite barrel inserts
Blue Stryfe
glue for joining 3d printed parts to blasters
Anyone tried Worker Picatinny rail?
Night time/in the dark Nerf War
Generally acceptedsafe darts...
4 hour load out
What would you sell/keep?
Elite Darts inside Mega Darts...
Internals breaking on modded EAT
IMR battery, charger and dummy batteries
Cut down koosh?
Any recommendations for solder brands/types and wire?
newbie help with upgrade parts
Rapid strike: Lipo for flywheels, 2x 9v for pusher?
Plasma Dash motors and IMR?
Nerf Center
Rhinofire Gubbins
Catch springs
Extending a pusher??
Nerf Rival Ammo size
BritNerf Code of Conduct
Turnigy B6 Pro question
11v Lipo recommendations...
I didn't blow up!
Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator
First time blaster-painter...
Strongarm OMW kit, any opinions?
Modifying a flywheel...
Turnigy nano-tech battery... Safe to leave connected?
Question about the code of conduct
Recommended Hydro-dip Supplier?
Botched Strongarm Cylinder
Not sure which forum my current project belongs to?
How to use your own picture as an Avatar...
How far would you travel for a war?
Ranking System Explaning
Incentivising players to donate and/or return
Strongarm (and variants ) mod problems
LiFePO4 pack in rapidstrike tray
Magpul MBUS not fitting?
Question from Germany: Nerf arena in London?
Stock up on magazines?
What happens when you let a blind man use a sewing machine?
EAT upgrade questions (springs, catch, AR)
Fixing 25/35 drums
Nerf Rivals UK price rip off?
Cheap obstacles/barriers for a Nerf War in a hall?
Eye-ware Recommendations
MegaCyclone Internals.
Hammershot Shells
Sledgefire Spring Question
Hi, i'm new....
Repainting over a bad paint job
Elite cam battery door
Elite blue and white paint?
Inflatable Bunkers
Female Nerfers
IMR Charger.
Need a 3S Lipo Charging Setup
An unwell hammershot...
IMRs battery and charger
Scatter shot pistol
Micro switch issues
Retaliator and Ammo Drum
180 motors
Tactical Rail Attachmetns
round nose darts
To paint a metal trigger or not?
Elite or Modulus?
Safety Glasses?
180 motors and Battery Questions
Automatically view most recent post first?
Rebelle rapid red mod
advice- Rainbow Pump Builders?
Hydrographic Source
Genuine Elites?
Recommended 3s lipo
BSUK Stryfe Re-wire Kit
Taobao Agents... Does anyone have any experiences to share?
What vest do you use for nerfing?
Shotgun scabbard
What do you do with your ld springs?
LEDs in a modded stryfe
Slugfire (3D printed Sledgefire mod) Anyone tried them?
new here .....
Comic Con + other events
How to run a new Nerf Wars Community
Are there fake blasters out there ?
rewinding motors
Firestrike Elite Handgun
Primary Blaster Decision
6kg strongarm Spring for Spectre Rev-5
Storage of blasters?
Scope that will fit my Spectre Rev-5
** New Member here ** :)
Stryfe teething issues
Top of rhinos, Plastic or metal?
Modding a rapidstrike
Prefabed cycloneshock inserts
180 motors
Nerf Birmingham?
Blasterparts upgrade springs
Longshot brass barrell ideal length
Darts vs Balloons????
Strongarm replacement spring
Rapidstrike Battery Advice Needed.
Taobao Buyer's Guide?
LiPo help?
question about rapidstrike rate of fire
Custom Flywheels from Worker, anyone tried them?
OE-look orange paint recommendations?
Hydrodipping and Clear coat
PVC Pipe.
Airbrush Painting tips?
AR: To remove or not to remove?
Big Bad Bow Arrows?
Rapidstrike issues
Best batteries for stock flywheels
Stryfe Mod 180 Battery/Charger Choices?
Where oh where can I get good 180's ?
EAT Barrel Adapter
Thunder Bow and PVC
New member and Modding rookie advice
Anyone want to try this?
burst fire switch
Is there a motor guide of some sort
Moving away!
EAT firing issues
Anything around Cardiff?
Valves on air tanks
retaliator issues
which one to paint?
Help with Epoxy - adhesive -Filler and Hydrographics
How to carry drum mags?
merseyside Nerf / gun games ??????????
Clip fed blaser jamming? Lubricate the magazine
Hello from Leeds
motor braking, circuit advice please
demolisher stock, whats it made from?
Vortex series... any good?
Motors and LiFePo4
Nerf Wars in the general Bristol area?
shoulder stock for EAT?
Stock Stryfe Motor Capabilities
new - looking for my first primary.
Are these Mabuchi FK 180SH 3240 motors?
Battery Advice LifePo vs Lipo for a RS?
Voltage question
copper/brass LS issue
Longstrike bolt handle
Any other film makers out there?
Vinyl dye paint on filler?
What do you think caused this damage? Retaliator S3
Raider priming issue
Retaliator problem
Hello! | First post
Voberrys and Stampedes
BoomCo type darts
Flywheel blaster Questions
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