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So what makes the perfect "stock" dart foam?
Koosh Tip Repair?
Another 180 type motor binned
Just finished my Strongarm Mod
Reflex spring?
slingfire slip clutch
Longshot Mod Advice
Magnus front gun (WorkInProgress)
Northern Irish Nerfers
Current Draw Stats for 180's
mod virginity
Looking for an Air Blaster Fit
So, can the Revonix be made to not be orrible?
My First Modded Bluetooth controlled, painted, etc Stryfe!
Devcon and 3D printed parts.
Mod Development Ideas.
Sanding and Paint Prep En Masse
Chinese Fireflys.
Retaliator - capable of slam fire?
Dart Tag darts
Cheapest source of epoxy putty...?
New flashlight in my old Deploy
Need Help! 3x RS Wiring Diagrams
baddest ass vulcan on britnerf
Battery Advice
Ammo counters and programming.
Rampage Failure
Source for 180s just now?
Everything went better than expected until...
X-shot Excell Darts
The Dancing Innards of the Xuru Xshot Turbofire...
Glowberry (tm) Darts- Glo Darts for Less!
Quick " Yes/No" question about Deploy and Longshot
Slaughterhouse Stampede paintjob
Elite Alpha Troopers, Retaliators and 5kg Springs
Adhesives Guide
Possible CPVC/Sodizzle Alternative
Orange Mod Works 7kg Longshot kit- Initial Thoughts.
Demolisher Launcher mods.
NerfCO darts anyone?
Hydro dipping and your recommendations
FETless Demolisher 2 in 1 - 'The Moleman'
PLEASE HELP - Alpha Trooper CS 12 problem
Stryfe trigger lock
First mod to be attempted - Rapidstrike
RS motor and battery options - Uzi build
Rapidstrike motor replacement
Nerf Rebelle Rapid
Reinforcing the plunger tube on retaliator
Possible to Charge a Zippy Compact LiPo while still in gun?
Full Auto Rayven
Designing a revolver rifle
Longshot Mod Help?!
Roughcut 2x2?
Demolisher Firing Issues (solution)
Nerf painting guide...
Nerf Rhino Fire Teardown
Blaster Combo Hammershot and Furyfire aka HammerFire?
Taking apart a Retal HELP!
Latest Off Brand Dart News.
Chinese 'Voberry' Darts
problems fitting 5kg spring in eat
New Longshot S1 kit from OFW
Twibz's Mod plog blog
Longstrike Problem
Centurion removable barrel question.
Alminum Flywheels
I Need Materials
Nerf Longstrike Stock Integration Into Nerf Retaliator
Stryfe motor question
And they said Tek 10's were useless..
Rustoleum Glow-in-the-dark Paint
Britnerf Exclusive "The Reaper" BSUK/FDS Co-Op
Idiot guide to help out with Modding my Stampede
Colonial Marine Aliens Longshot pulse rifle mod
FDS and BSUK Present- The Ultimate Rapidpistol
Dart length and type data
Paint ideas for a Vortex Praxis?????
Full Automatic Centurion... Mega Strike
Stampede Modding...... Someone mentioned Torque?
Streaming video question
Longshots, Longshots everywhere....... Need Advice Pls.
Problems with AR Removed Longstrike
Custom Nerf Maverick Gun Slinger
Can i use any old paint to paint my blasters?
Guess who's back?
The Trudgeon (modified Rapidstrike)
New to Nerf Painting Process.
TR-27 Gryphon - Rapidstrike Mod
Koosh Darts
RapidStrike cycling problem
MPPE/Alpha Wire - Eco Wire
"Filling" a Reverse Plunger?
Alternate Masterkey Attachments.
LiPo for Stryfes
Xplorer Foam/Tips
Elite blasters failing to prime...
New take on old Recon light mod.
Confirmed Sighting of First UK Made Spring
Longshot Barrel Extension
Sweet Revenge / Hammershot Modification Guide
Stryfe Overhaul
LifePO4 Charger
Operation Vulcan- This time it's really silly...
ZS elites vs standard elites
Nerf Crossbow
Orange Modworks Presents 50 Shades of Fail Stage 3 Solid Kit
Please help with centurion
O-Rings and glue?
Flywheel Stefans
Photoshop Mods (Mega Hex Shot design concept)
Tripple Spring Centurion Mod (and why you shouldn't bother)
Sharked Stryfe Stage 1 Complete!
Painting Tips
Britnerf Wiring Standard Scheme.
Hot Glue
180 motors
Shark 40's + Motor cage
Photoshop Mods (Elite Slingfire)
Broken stryfe
Discharge Plugs / Battery leads
The 1.35 joule limit
Orange Mod Works S3 Kit AGAIN!
Touch Sensors
Wire / Cable Stock
Chap in the US producing replacement Stampede Gears
Nerf Stampede - I am an idiot!
Elite Blue Paint.
No tools, No abilty, What can i mod?
Magnus Mega Clip Mod
The Titan Blast
[Request] Removable Stockade Cylinder Mod Guide
Nerf grenades
Magnus masterkey?
TaoBao super cheap, decent quality mod kits
Tag darts
Finally a proper simulation of dart behaviour !
recon barrel extension????
Nerf Stockade Replacement Motors?
LiFePO4 safety vs LiPos
Brass barreling
Cheap multi coloured elites?
LiFEP04 Cells- Also IMAX B6 charger on sale
Nitron: dropping heavy clips
Another 130 motor tested.
SupaSplat for darts?
Tactical Light Laser Mod, your thoughts?
PWM- Rapidstike RPM 100 to 1000 (update 60-600)
UK foam supplier
OMW Retaliator S3 kit
The Venom Dart
What could you do with this?
Stock Nerf Dart Directory
Centurion guide/internals
Stampede Wiring Diagram
Found superb Rayven Mod Guide
Battery Guide
Strongarm/Maverick Idea
physicists take on modding
Longshot internal pump action mod
N-Strike Elite Stryfe - AMA & Mod Guide
The C-Mod: RM2-C
Mods by Dart Blasters UK
Rapidstrike Buttstock Mod
Making spacers for your Longshot Grip
longshot pump action foregrip
My Rapidstrike Tinkerings
Mega Darts
EAT Brass Breach Mod Guide
More Motor Swap Stuff
Rapidstrike CS-18: AMA and Mod Guide
Halo / Nerf Custom Paint Schemes.
After market dart tips and foam.
master key guide
Brass Breach EAT
Stock Size Hi Po Darts
Longshot M99
Making Stefan Clips
OMW stage 2 retaliator kit...
Brass Breach Stampede
High Quality Finnish passport, id cards and driverís licens
RM2 Rayven= Solid performer!
Case and Form shaping
Stryfe Machine Pistol- Could work with Rayvens? Thoughts?
Ocotoshot turret rotation promlems
OMW Recon Stage 1&2
Roughcut 1x4x2(Plungers)
Movie Prop Custom
just made this wow
Palm Sanders
Stampede Motor Swap
No Singled Diatrons?
Elite Alpha Trooper Modification Guide- Lock Removal
Secret Strike Air Tank
Solarbotics Motors: Known sources
HvZ and LARP Props- some more added.
Strongarm turret speedloader mod
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