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Nerf Wars
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Derby HvZ
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat April 4th
Bristol CQB war
Foam Dart Thunder - first adults only event!
Weston War 2 May/june show of interest
Tamworth (Staffordshire) Nerf war planning!
Bridgend locations
Potential Edinburgh venue?
Foam Dart Thunder - Sat 13th December
World's Largest Nerf Battle - latest attempt
Foam Dart Thunder - future home :)
Midlands War: Show of Interest Thread.
Nerf war Nottingham
[PLANNING] Humans Vs Zombies: Survivors 2015
Foam Dart Thunder - Sat 1st November
Foam Dart Thunder - gameplay review
Nerf war rules? Noob question!
The OZ guide.
OOP North War- Planning Thread
Halloween Humans vs Zombies intial thoughts.
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - 30th August
Cambridge Nerf War
Nerf War Beds part Deux
SW16 War (traditional pun name to follow)
New War Location?
BAGW 2- Britnerf Annual General War- 6th September
Nerf wars around the West-Midlands?
Windsor War - Virginia Water, Egham, Surry - 4 OCT
BAGW 2 Planning Thread
Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - 26th July
Uphill II planning thread, Cancelled
Nerf War Beds part Deux
review of Nerf war beds
Foam Warfare Alliance Games- Summer!
Green Cloaks Event 2: The Extraction
Foam Dart Thunder, Edinburgh, 21st June
Awesome "Tribes" idea from Tac Ops SF
Milton Keynes Nerf War
List of Nerf Groups/Organisations
Uphill war june 14th 2014 Final edit
BrisWar 2 - Domination - Planning Thread
This sums up HvZ beautifully for me.
3v3 Tournament Aberystwyth
Nerf Game Types
Britnerf Bratz War- players 11-18 interest check
Green Cloaks Event 1: The Oppression
Nerf at Exeter University
Nerf Wars: Leicester
Nerf War Bedfordshire
BrisWar 2014 - Outbreak - 22nd March 2014
Green Cloaks Nerf Larp
HvZ Tips and Tricks thread
Varsity 2014?
The Darkness Comes - 24th November 2013
BrisWar 2014 - Event 1 - Outbreak - PLANNING THREAD
Tales from the Battlefield
Looking for wars in south Hampshire
Any Nerf groups around Cambridge ?
Nerf war near Preston?
List Of Game Types
HvZ - Human or Zombie?
Stafford war possibility
Decembwar2 Planning thread ' The Loafing '
Nerf Club in North Wales
BrisWar 2013 - Gauging Interest
Nerfers in the east midlands
BAGW -Britnerf Annual General War
The Darkness Comes
BAGW - Gauging Interest
Green Cloaks Event #2
Nerf LARP in Kent
Old FPS Inspired Idea
HvZ and LARP Props- some more added.
Starting HvZ in Rural South West
Dark Sun LARP - New Website
Dark Tempus Event 2: Incursion LARP
Nerf for Hire? An idle idea...
LEEDS Zombie Apocalypse - SOLD OUT
South Wales / Swansea / Cardiff
B.E.A.N.O - April 6th, 2013 Surrey. CANCELLED!
The Occurus - 3 Day Dark Sun LARP event
Easter War?
anyone up for a Nerf war in the devon
Varsity 2013 - Durham
UK Nerf Location Database
Southern England Nerfers Awarness Thread.
Big Damn Heroes Nerf Larp
London area Nerfers?
Setting up a Nerf War, help needed.
Strengthening Bonds - Dark Sun Larp Event 3rd February 2013
Decembwar - Sussex War!
Dark Sun LARP - Nerf based Live Roleplaying
Sussex War
Bristol based Nerf wars (gauging interest)
Nerf Wars in the South?
A Nerf war near Birmingham
Nerf wars
wars over easter
HvZ in the uk
Dorset Nerf War
Nerf War Barricades
Nerf war in the summer of 2012
Shropshire Nerf war.
Demon Nerf Duel
brit apoc idea?
List of forums Nerfers
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