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A different copy dart?
Slow Motion Nerf!
The UK Nerf Blog
ComIng Soon to a McDonald's Near You
Giant Maverick
Nerf_Fang brings us: Modulus Expansion packs
Im on a man hunt.
Doomlands desolator courtesy of Nerf_Fang
Nerfing... BGUK style...
The 2S vs the 3S debate
OMW Hammershot S1 kit
Cost for a weekends Larping?
Tri Strike listed at Tesco.
A wee FDT announcement
Stockade as a secondary?
Battlescout listed @ Argos - 69.99
The best place to buy Nerf.
Boomco Spinsanity
Mega Mastodon Listed on UK wholesale site.
Stampede upgrade advice
Jungle clips?
New Grim Up Nerf Channel
Packing for tomorrow's bike race
Hardball HIR stock
Whats Your Loadout?
How much longer till darts are replaced....
Chinese Darts
The First Loss is the Hardest
Nerfing in Public
Lively UK 'stefan' use discussion on reddit
Battle of Britain
Hyperfire Modding
Weekend of nerfing
Worker 22 banana Magazine
Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster @ Smyths - 50
Big Bad Bow
New targets by Little Wigwam
Do you name your Nerf Blaster?
Nerf and the Police
Modified Hyperfire looks insane
Lasergnomes shells
Oops! So Now I Own a Doominator!
OK, which one of you is it
9 shot strongarm
So I accidentally bought 2 Zeuses and 100 HIRs.
Girly blasters
Third hand
Operation Weekend
Unboxed Hyperfire pics found
Primary ??
FDS on The Mod Cast
Something new to shoot at...
PSA: Dodgy LiPos on eBay
I declare this weekend of Nerf... Primed!
Nerf Rival Apollo Gears
What is the best Nerf Primary for starters?
Babygiraffe2006 Blue Koosh Dart Review
Top dart gets ruined
3D printers- tell me how to think, o forum!
Primary Nerf Gun (Advice Needed)
Nerf Mega Hotshot Pistol
When does Nerf stop and LARP start....?
The most iconic Nerf blaster?
Soo how much have you spent on Nerf?
Two Efests, both size 14500....
Sledgefire 3d Printed shells
Having a "WTF was I doing" evening
If you ever need to take out 140 Zombies...
Bodging together some mag holders
Argos now listing Rival
Retaliator vs X-shot shotgun- the test
Impromptu street battle
new brand of Rival ammo
Nerf WARS community in Medway Kent
PPG Foam Swords in the UK
War practical
Question from Germany: Nerf arena in London?
TRU won't have the Rival Exclusive for long!
How To Nerf Riotshield
Nerf Alien Menace
Blaster Internals Picture Database
Non Nerf-brand/ China counterfeit
Ammo Counter
Modulus Battlescout ICS (Via About)
125 fps on 3 AA nimh's and Tamiya motors
Increase in nerfing
New Doomlands and ZS on Popular Mechanics
Meanwhile in china.....
Rapidstrike offer
Elite or Modulas
Orange Mod Works do it again
What would you like.
2016 is looking mighty good (new FA blasters galore)
180 motors
Buzz Bee Sentinel
Powerbelle and Splitstrikes @Asda
Koosh Master Race
Worker Fly Wheels, 3 types
Slugfire (3D printed Sledgefire mod) Anyone tried them?
Hot pink!
EAT vs Retaliator
Hasbro Skipping Toy Fair 2016
UK Rivals
Scope that will fit my Spectre Rev-5
the what did santa bring you thread.?
Gavinfuzzy pump grip - it's excellent
Idle Rivals Improvement Idea
Best and Worst of 2015
This evening...
Rivals UK Release Next Week?
Nerf Cops and Robbers
Is this Jolt repaint possible to obtain?
Another rare chance to get a boxed Stampede!
<offer expired, nothing to see here>
Spare Tactical Rails
Nerf Elite smart blaster
Nerf Elite Jolts in different packaging and triggers?
Blasterparts payment
Big Bad Bow
Result of a Girls Spy/Nerf Party
Group order of Gavinfuzzy Retaliator pump grips
Nerf P-Mags on
Rivals resellers on
Trying to start something in Cardiff
Lifecycle of a mod
Man Arrested for Painting Toy Gun
elite blue rhino
Holder for clip/drum
Elite blue Longshot listed on TRU
I know modulus isn't that exciting...
The Zeus has landed
BoomCo Dart Storage
its here its here its here
Can I call first in UK?
New Dualstrike and ZS Crosscut
Strongarm vs hammershot
Nerf things that make no sense
Nerf Noobs
In need of trigger microswitch
new Nerf doomlands blasters available at argos
New Rebelle blasters at Argos
Nerf Rival pre order on
Is it possible...
Need A Primary
Cheaper chronomanuhs
Spectre Or Strongarm
Wild Rotofury's spotted
Saw this, liked it, shared it!
Did I miss something? Blasters not released in UK.
Detailed Rival Images on Baidu
Anyone seen this Lawbringer vid on youtube?
Nerf (Quadcopter) Drones
Our hobby
Screamin' Mega Darts.
So I guess you've seen this, but, Lawbringer
New Nerf Silencer
Retaliator and 3rd party clips
what gear is 'essential'?
What's the best way to stop a dart?
New Doom Lands line (via SBNC)
criteria for choosing a primary/secondary/sidearm
I'm Back Baby
British Nerfing Now A Long Way From Cutting Edge
Clip holders
Local Toys'R'us selling NIB yellow longshots
Get your deploys onto ebay!
Yutoys- not so good this time
Doominator and Modulous up on Amazon UK
Tacticool Foam
What shall we do with the busted Centurion? group buy anyone?
more 3d printed goodness
Interesting new Boomco blaster (Via Amazon.DE/Reddit)
Swarmfire springs- any other options than blasterparts?
BoomCo Rail Slinger why hasn't Nerf done something similar?
Beautifulwoman vs Yutoys vs ????
Is there a big war soon in the UK?
Stryfe vs Rapidstrike
I need UK Nerf Support!
Durn it... who's good for voberrys now?
What switch for Stockade/Barricade stryfey mod?
Dodgy Nerf-alike
SOS ...---... SOS ...---... SOS Helpppp!
Anyone know what this scope is off?
Consolidated List of Aftermarket Modification Companies
Doubledown on Blasterparts
What shall we do with the broken Hornet earlay in the mornin
Still on the Bench! The unstarted/unfinished project thread!
Zuru X Shot Micro - holy foam flinging hell!!!
Longshot jam door falls open- normal?
Elite Rayven
Chinese Fireflys.
xplorer goodness
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