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Game Types
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Kill Confirmed "Ghost"
Ding dong the witch is dead
"Unhappy Campers" aka HvZ Domination
Squad Survival
Hybrid Games
Kill the PM/President/Trump/Principal
Reverse Gun Game
ZHoM King of the Hill
Jurassic Park - "Their Vision Is Based On Movement"
Jurassic Park - Power Out In The Raptor Compound
Scalp 'em
The Crystal Dome
Tag and ReSupply (TaRS) Team Death Match
TTT - Troube In Terrorist Town
Strictly Nerf - No dancing skills required!
6 Shot elimination
"Get To Da Choppa!" HvZ survival/rescue
"Cover Me!" HvZ survival
Sniper in the grass
Bounty hunter
HvZ - BUZAN style Zombie Fort (aka Horde Mode)
Freeze Tag
Survival (Humans Vs Zombies)
Wasteland (Humans Vs Zombies)
Speed Infection (Humans Vs Zombies)
Bomb Run
Plant The bomb
Kill Confirmed
Jaffa cake deathmatch
Defend the Core
Black 'Kes' Down
How To Use This Forum
Special Farces Team/Game type
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