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Nuisance Adverts

We've received an influx of irritating ads recently. As it turns out, the overlords of the MFF service have recently changed providers of their ad revenue so their old block list is now useless. As a result they are asking us to provide details of any nuisance ads.

If anyone sees a popup or ad that is offensive, annoying or spammy we need to know about it so we can get the thing squashed. Unfortunately this will not apply to all popups (I keep getting one for baby milk at the moment), only ones that try to take you somewhere dodgy such as the "You have won a prize! Click here and give us all your details" kind of thing.

In order to get it blocked, we need a description of the ad (screen shots are good), and the time that it appeared.

You can post your findings below and we'll get on it ASAP.

I had a full screen overlay automatic playing video advert the other week. No idea who it was for as my brain is well versed at ignoring adverts. Not really a helpful post I just wanted to share.

If you accidentally hover your mouse over the Cow and Gate advert on the last post of a thread it will start the full-screen video overlay. You don't even have to click it.

Annoying, but probably not a 'nuisance' as such. Don't know if the other ads do it too.
The Dark Kitten

I had a simular issue with "crush arcade" adverts which highlighed words and had a box in the bottom right corner, a right arse.
I did some reading up and removed a plug in and they all went

I've never seen any but I run AdBlock on the Mac. It blocks YouTube ads, the lot. Recommended.

No more fleshlight ads would be just dandy thanks.

Perhaps they think they can be mounted on a tac rail?


Please keep posts, particularly site critical ones like these, on topic. Thank you. -Boff


Boff's right. Generally we want to keep 'official' posts in the announcement forum free of chit chat so we can deal with issues more effectively.

I'll clear up this thread a bit later. We're only after reports of suspicious or spammy ads.

I'm getting hit with full page pop over from TalkTalk on every page load, that then reset any zoom level I've applied to the page, and their close button is off screen

chrome on android

Getting a new annoying add from Lovehoney, Keeps giving a full page spread, it does close but if you pass the cursor over the add it goes back to full page, very annoying as some of the adds seem to be in bedded in a post, would add a screen shot but I forgot to take one.  

Many thanks


Just to reiterate guys, in order to get these adverts swatted, I need the time at which they appeared so that the admins can trace it through the logs.

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