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New Moderator

We have a new moderator.

Ever since he joined the forum, SSGT has helped a lot of community members understand electronics and select the correct setup for their builds. He has also been fundamental in the development of electronic mods as a whole and in doing so, has helped our community gain the respect it now has in the NIC.

As a small token of our appreciation, we have made SSGT a moderator so that he can better help expand the community's understanding of NERFtronics.

Thankyou SSGT.

*hands over BritNerf sceptre*

Unlucky  Laughing Well deserved though

Hold up. When did we get BritNerf scepters and why was I never given one?!?!?

On a more serious note, congratulations SSGT. Try not to be too liberal with those moderator privileges Razz

Congratulations SSGT


Another great addition to my favorite Nerf corner.


May your moderations be as swift as a released plunger and as deadly as a LiPo fire.
daniel k

Well, they say power corrupts, so please, don't ban all threads about IMR's and catchfires, don't remove all threads claiming the stryfe is bad, don't... Yeah, you get the point Very Happy congrats!!!!

Well done 🖒

Congrats SSGT - well deserved.

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