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Nerf WARS community in Medway Kent

Hi all. Have started up a Nerf Wars Community in the medway towns of kent and am looking for volunteers to help out, marshal etc as well as locations to hold the Nerf activity in. So far we are operating out of Woodies Youth centre in Rochester but are looking to expand.

Any and all ideas welcome on how we can expand and make this Nerf wars community grow. Our Facebook page is:

Or you can e-mail me directly for more info at:

Many thanks

Moved to wars, because keys make it epic- come on Kent, for queen, country and your Maverick....

Hi! My intial post on seeing this was 'YAY! another Nerf war starting up', then I saw you had to posts and thought 'hmm, weird to introduce himself so suddenly'. A quick look at your profile on the other hand, and I realised I needed to thank you.
Your intro post on the Q&A forum, and the replies from OldNoob and FDt, and the advice they also gave me when I asked, has helped make grim Up Nerf possible, and without you asking originally, that info might not have been available. So thanks!

Ok, onto your community!


Looking at your facebook group, you had a war on Monday night, how did it go? how many players etc? I'm guessing the 50p entry is the standard for the kids using the centre (looks to be based on the councils info), and the 1 covers darts and blaster hire?

From your leaderboard, you have 32 players. Do they all come on one night? Are the wars weekly/monthly? Hows the scoring worked out?

Whats type of darts do you have, and how many? What blasters do you have, and how many? Are the kids allowed to bring their own, are modded blasters allowed, do you have a fps limit?

What game types are you using?

Do you only have access to the youth centre building, or can you use the whole of the school grounds?

What kind of scenery/shelter do you have?


First up, dude, you rock! My wife is retraining as a youth worker, and jobs are few and far between, and council support is limited. In otley, we get a van of disinterested youth workers who park up on the edge of the playing field where young people are known to hang around and smoke drugs. Except the van turns up at 5pm, stays for 30 minutes and claims they can't do any detached work because theres no kids... Well duh, at 5pm they are eating/playing CoD...

Secondly, if you've got 32 kids coming regularly and who are giving you call signs and are commited to the war, then you're doing great!

For Grim Up Nerf, our growing community in Leeds/Bradford, there are 3 of us sharing the planning responsibilities. That instantly makes a difference as it allows different personalities to excel - Old_man_nerf is awesome at planning and execution, Justajolt is great at promoting and talking people into things, wjhile I'm great at spending the donations... We use a google drive shared folder to coordinate things - we have subfolders for game types, ideas etc.

In terms of growing - do you want to just keep doing it with kids at the youth centre, or do you want to expand it to a bigger venue? Do you want to get more adults playing?

One option would be to meet up with another local group - I have no idea how far the thing Davidov is planning is, but theres a fair few London area nerfers that might be willing to help out. (and then I checked where you were on Google earth... yeah, ok...)

I think we should swap ideas to see how we can support each other in growing... I'm with BGUK! I agree.

I'm with those two Smile

Having some other nerfers to share the work with does make a huge difference to what gets done.

Should we have a shared repository somewhere for all the forms/game plans/organisational stuff we've done to save everyone reinventing the wheel each time a group is set up?

My only proviso is could access to this be limited to voluntary groups or commercial operators with a proven record of community involvement?

Hi all,

i know this thread is old but wanted to reply.

So to answer some of the questions, our first event went very well with 32 players paying 50p entry and 1 to play over the course of an hour. This allowed them to play as many games as possible (in rotation) with equipment, ammo and gun hire.

The first leader board had the first 32 players on it and has since doubled in size with more young people coming to play and working their way up the leader board. Currently we only run once a month on a monday in a large sports hall, but have many plans moving forward. The scoring is based on attendance, games won, skills improved, engagement in construction as well as achieving  battle commendations.

We have an extensive range of darts, discs, arrows as well as a multitude of blasters, however for quickness most of the time we use the strong-arms/mavericks with jolts and few roughcuts etc. Ee provide all equipment because we do not allow modding and don't have the time to pre-check all blasters being brought in.

Over the past two months we have launched some different maps as well as game types and these can be found on our Facebook page under the about sections and in the photo albums:

Currently we have access to both the youth centre and the sports hall, however we have now started taking booking to stage events in other centres, mainly woodlands in gillingham, strood youth centre and park wood near rain ham. We also have received interest from bookings for parties and larp groups to hold specific themed events in these centres and other spaces.

We have made the entire resource customisable so all the barricades are custom/hand made using light weight collapsable plastic piping. So far we have some cubes and free standing barricades with adjustable/swappable panels that can be joined together to form structures etc.

I understand what you mean, youth work is taking massive cuts from the government and some youth workers are in it more for the money than the work itself. It does make it difficult to manage other staff, so currently i am leading by example. Our events get bigger and have more to them each time and we continue to expand on a weekly basis. I do have the support of my staff team, however once this activity leaves the centre we work in, it will be the young volunteers who will be orchestrating and running it.

We are currently looking at providing a younger session for 8-11 years olds and equally an 18+ event too. Contact with other local groups is a good idea, although some of misconceptions of the whole 'gun' thing. So far no one is doing this type of activity/event in medway so we have the niche to work within and thrive.

Thank you for all your comments. If there is a place we can all swap ideas, practice, forms etc I am happy to contribute, just let me know where.

Absolutely no modded guns? Like would a stryfe with locks removed be allowed and other ones like that eg not performance enhancing?

I think this sounds brilliant! This is what it's all about! I think this forum is a perfect place for discussion about this... fire away.

haloxxbilly wrote:
Absolutely no modded guns? Like would a stryfe with locks removed be allowed and other ones like that eg not performance enhancing?

I can respect that rule in this case. If you allow any modifications you open up a whole can of worms about what is acceptable and you end up having to assess each blaster individually. A blanket ban keeps the paperwork simple and maintains a level playing field. After all, this project is primarily run by the kids with support from the youth workers so keeping things simple makes sense.

Nice work.

Good stuff.

This is only my opinion but although im Nerf daft. I wouldn't fancy an 18 + event.

The kids give me a good excuse to go nerfing, plus they dont take themselves seriously so its more fun.

Great update Robb!

Those barricades on your FB group look really good, and it's great to see the youngsters joining in. It really sounds like you're doing well, and there's probably stuff we could learn from you

We (me and the young people), are all still learning, but can't help get carried away with the potential of something like this. Just trying to remain focused, although I now have extra hours to run more events at other centres so gonna be busy!

Yep, complete mod ban! Sounds extreme but as you said it keeps it simple. this rule may bend when it comes the 18+ events but we are planning them with LARPers so should keep it relatively basic.

Is there somewhere we can all share paperwork and resources etc? Please feel fee to check us out at:

We have posted rules and regs with some extras thrown in, plus we have some game types we've come up with with maps etc. Happy to swap ideas to make what we are all doing even better.

Thanks all.
Robb Wolfman

Hi all. So it's been a while since posting on here but wanted to just update on where I am.

So I still work as a youth worker and deliver Nerf activities and games as part of my day job. Off the back of this success I have begun to work independently outside of my day job delivering Nerf as a private hiring. Through this I have begun to set up my own independent business delivering Nerf as much as I can.

I have also begun to network with other Nerf enthusiasts in the medway/kent area in order to set up some larger events to meet a much wider audience of both young and older groups.

I know there some groups up in London and further afield, but was wondering if there are many people in the south east area (specifically but not exclusively medway and kent) that would be interested in attending Nerf events? And if so, what is the best way to contact them?



Mandatory warning about Necroing old posts. Another about double posting.



"If we build it, they will come"

It's scary starting up an event. The worry that nobody will come takes you back to the nervous feeling you had prior to your 16th birthday. The problem is that generally people won't commit to an event without any details so the more information you can provide will show people that you mean business.

Find a venue (public park will be fine provided there is lots of space and plenty of parking).
Start a new topic in the Wars forum and outline your event rules and proposed game types.
Set a date (or open a poll to get an idea of when people are free).

Show people you mean business before you ask them to commit.

Well done Robb - all the event organisers on here have been in your shoes - sounds like you're doing great.

Now you have a presence, get networking and using social media as much as you can. Start liking other Nerf groups, message those guys, blog, post daily and really let people know you exist.

I'm 4 years in and have only recently started focusing properly on the online marketing side. Happy to help if I can. Smile

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