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Nerf Wars Around Reading/ Henley On Thames?

Does anyone know of any Nerf Wars around the Reading/ Henley On Thames area?

Come to London this sat. Just down the M4 ^_^ see Davidov thread.

Sorry I can't go that far on Sat sorry 😢

Organise your own game! That way people come to you. The reality of the UK scene is that you are left with two choices, travel, usually a minimum of an hour or two, to occasional or monthly games, or organise your own.

What they said!

Saturday is Davidovs war at a London park hopefully the start of something regular.

And as OldNoob says, start something! I'm part of the Grim Up Nerf events, and we'll pay the support we received from the community forward to new groups. We'll offer whatever advice we can (the main one being find helpers and use Google docs to plan), give you access to some of our planning docs and donate you some goodies where possible!

Your biggest difficulty is finding a decent venue. Try contacting churches with halls that you can use, or find a good park now the weathers improving.

If you put one on in that area I would most likely attend, I'm sure a lot of others would as well.

Our first event had 9 of us and was a really fun time small venue, so the rules were adapted accordingly. From that i'm pleased to say I made some great friends and things have grown from that.

I'd suggest having a chat between the two of you via the messaging system and see if there's a direction you can start exploring to get something going.

1. I am only 13 years old and am only just getting into the Nerf community

2. There is a large common area about 2 minutes from were I live, with the only problem being there are no trees unless you go into the worded area, actually now I think about it there is a pretty big mostly braken covered area which could be good

Age is not a problem, just get your parents to help you. Make sure they know you are organising an event and ensure they can see any communication you may have with any attendees or organisational help. We as adults are happy to deal with other adults to help you. Obviously you won't be able to personally hire buildings etc!
I would also point out that nearly all events supported by this forum do not cater to unaccompanied children, so you are going to have to get a responsible adult involved if you want to attend any games, so I would start now. My son is 12, he has come to plenty of Britnerf games, but I had to be there as well. Handy excuse for parents to amass big collections of toys too.

What do you think about venue?

Generally totally open space is bad for games, as it makes for very boring play. Areas of scrub are good for hiding but bad for dart recovery.
Outside areas with some trees but no scrub are very good, pine forest is handy for Nerf, as not much grows on the ground. Areas with lots of buildings or indoors with multiple rooms and corridors is best for Nerf IMO, especially mixed ability groups with some stock players as it cuts the advantages in range for modded players and makes for a faster pace. Get to someone else's game first if you can, it helps to see what works. You are less than 2 hrs from Bristol where I will be running Bristol Blast on 28th of May if you want to see what a well run game looks like and get some foam flinging in. Don't worry about having an uber modded primary, you can play my games with a stock Strongarm.

Sorry but for me driving 2 hours for a Nerf war is 100% not possible my parents simply wouldn't do it even 1 hour is a bit to much!

Well unless you get a game organised then you aren't going to play much! Get the train, it's only an hour then. 2hrs is nothing, I have driven 5 hrs each way to a game. Get either your parents or another adult they trust into Nerf, then they will beg to take you to games so they can play too.

Get some mates involved and their parents. Then all try to get hold of some big cardboard boxes or anything that you can use as cover and hire a sports hall, you only need 10 of you and it costs the same as a game of five a side.

I'm pretty sure there's some good tips it the Leeds boys thread from when they started.

Cardboard boxes: ask at somewhere like a GoOutdoors, or even your school it/tech/kitchens
Camo sheets: not needed but look good
Hall hire: 1 badminton court size room equals intimate fast games, 2 courts is better, 4 courts is most decent sports halls, up here is about 40 an hour for those. Scout huts and church halls are good options for smaller/cheaper 10 to 25 an hour
Darts: buy koosh gen 3 yellow babygiraffe007 (or something like that, see boffs blog post), is your friend on ebay, 400 will do for about 1 of you
Safety glasses: not essential if no modded blasters, but better to be safe than sorry, 15 for 12 on ebay for basic ones
Games: Speed HvZ aka buzan rules, check the earlier grim up Nerf threads
Organsing: share the stress! Google docs is awesome

Like we say, we are more than happy to help, ask your parents to join up and get in touch, get your school friends to help/come, attend a war at least once so you can see what to expect

An idea would be to rent out my local village hall though it may be a little on the smaller side it could work! Tell me what you think

Image of the hall:

That's about as big as the place we ran the first grim up Nerf in. You don't need a large space for a Nerf war, you just have to be prepared to be creative with cover and obstacles.

If anything Nerf lends itself best to CQB.

Looks a bit longer, but slight narrower than the one that we used for our first event. Should be fine for about 10 people. Like old_man_nerf says, be creative

Speed zombies with a 2 second respawn, single shot pistols only, works great in that size

Also rember that the minimum number of players for a decent game is 4, I am sure you could find 3 other people who might want to play if you need to test game types and get some "war" time in.

Am I supposed to supply all the darts?

If it's going to be regular, try to get everyone to chip in and start a dart pool. Get gen 3 koosh darts off ebay. Trusted sellerst are beautiful woman or baby girrafe  ( something like that anyway)
You'll never be able to tell who's darts belongs to who anyway if you use your own.
A good dart supply , some other players and a bit of cover is probably more key to having fun than anything else

We have helped people starting games with darts for the pool. When you start out 30 darts per player is usually enough.

Re: supplying all the darts - No, at least not initially.

I'll pm you the link I use for darts, its 13 for 200. That, plus the ones you'll get with blasters is a good start, and like OldNoob says, 30 per player is plenty to begin with - FDT events you only get 30 and have to scavenge during the night!

I would however recommend setting rules on what darts are valid otherwise people might turn up wuith old streamlines, old whistler darts, old dart tag darts, xshot ones, suction darts, or in the worst case - FVJ's solid tipped darts that hurt! If you provide all the darts, you control what gets used and thus the safety. A couple of quid per person covers dart loses, dart casulaties, and lets you steadily grow a pool

Boff's blog post on darts:

Not necessarily . At Grim Up, we ask for donations of a pound per player which we put towards new darts for next time.

I'll tell you what's a little easier to get something going. Are there people on your street or in your school who'd enjoy an hour or so of Nerf?

Even if you only play on that field you were on about, it's still a start and you ca get parents involved too. You might end up supplying some darts st first... They get lost, broken etc, but after the first couple of times, you could ask people for 50p or a quid towards new darts.

Start smaller if you want to. Just start somewhere, though and see what happens! Pick a time you think people will be free and get the word out.

I fully agree about making sure your parents know about it too and encourage them to read what you post here. Maybe get them to make an account and help out organising!

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