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Will be looking to set up a Nerf war in the Cambridge area.

Possible date is the 5/6th of August .

Over the next couple of weeks I will be scouting out possible areas and contacting those that I may need permission from.

My post code is sg8 6nq for a reference to my local area.

Please comment in regards to if you can make it.

People won't commit without more details- For example darts supplied? FPS cap? Game duration? Rough idea of games to be played?
I would find or commit to a venue first as well, for example some people will travel longer distances for an unusual venue.

Thank you for advice.

I will be looking at those points and adding them ASAP

I'm happy to assist this is near my neck of the woods, PM sent mate

I'm probably in the area around then (I was wondering if your Linton was the same Linton as my Linton), so I'm interested but would need more detail before I could commit to anything. Also, might be on holiday.

I also have a bunch of spare blasters knocking around I wouldn't mind being used as loaners if needed.

My advice would be to go to a couple of existing wars as a player, and see how they're run. From here you'll get a good idea of a few different game types in action, what sort of players go to them, and what works well with what sort of terrain is on offer.

Once you've made a few friends at these events, find a venue and get yourself a dart pool and couple of loaner blasters, and ask around to see if anyone you've met at previous wars would be willing to help you run it on the day. It can still be your project, but having someone with experience to act as a team captain, help set up obstacles, help sign people in, and talk to parents while simultaneously reigning in rowdy kids; that's going to be a massive help (if you can get more help, brilliant).

Depending on the venue you've got and the help you can rely on, you can then think about what sort of war it's going to be. Are you going to be focusing on a small number of established Nerf enthusiasts, where you'll run longer lasting and more tactical based games? Or are you looking to have 40+ kids running around just wanting to shoot everyone for 10 minutes until they're out of darts and knackered? I'd say this is quite important as when I got into Nerf I imagined wars would just be small 5-asides with adults being all tactical in quite large areas: after attending a few local wars it's become apparent that there is a decent demand for wars, and you're going to get 30, 40, 50+ people, with a mix of ages and enthusiasm, all looking to fling foam as much as possible, often in a fairly confined environment.

Once you've got that sorted then you can advertise your event and start getting word out. You'll find that if you're known to people through wars, then you'll likely get people from those wars putting in the mileage to come support your event; at least while you find your feet (community is often good like that). You may also find that other Nerf community members will offer support in the form of additional darts for your pool, or the odd loaner blaster may come your way.

It's up to you whether you do all the promotion for the event yourself, or get help to do it. Getting help will often result in you not being able to control the potential attendance as much as if you did it alone (unless you use a pre-book ticketing system), but the flip side is you're going to get a lot more people coming along; which in turn provides greater networking opportunities, a wider catchment area of attendees, more chance of future support, and - if you're charging for entry - more capital to invest in future wars (upgraded loaners, bigger dart pools, more obstacles etc.)

All that is based on my experience as a player; not a Nerf war organiser. However, I've been involved with organising and running lots of other types of events, including running workshops and teaching classes on my own. I'm sure others will give you plenty of good advice too.

Thank you for the reply and will take most of it into consideration.

Loaner blasters won't be an issue,you yourself have bought some out of the hundreds I have for sale.

Cambridge you say, interesting, I've loads of family in that neck of the woods also and those dates are during the summer holidays so possibility I could make an appearance as I do love to travel for Foam flinging but would need a full set of info before committing to a 700 mile round trip Very Happy As Status Quo once said "I'm the wanderer, yeah the wanderer, I wander for Nerf and Nerf and Nerf" Take that one kids Very Happy
UK Foam

I'd be interested

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