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Nerf Vigilon - what's your experience?

So on Saturday I went to pick up a Havok Fire, along with "a box of Nerf bits and some kids toys" for the princely sum of 10. In the box was a complete Recon MK1, a Barricade, a Stockade, some other kids toys, and a Vigilon.

I have to confess, I'm in love with this blaster. I've picked up some other disc blasters as part of previous job lots, and have never been that impressed with them. However, the Vigilon just looks amazing, and feels really nice in my hand. Plus that pop down disc chamber is awesome to use. Sure, it only takes 5 discs that are manually loaded rather than clip fed, but it looks friggin' bad ass! It's definitely one that's going to get an aggressive looking paintjob and possibly some LED decoration. When I finally make it out to some Nerf wars I think this will be replacing the modded Hammershot I'm working on as my pistol/backup/secondary.

I'm interested to know what people's experience/opinion of this blaster is. It seems to fire ok with a half decent muzzle velocity, and I've noticed that, as with other disc blasters, the total range seems to be pretty high as the discs float on the air like a Frisbee. Accuracy appears to be better than darts at shorter ranges, but at further ranges the darts drift quite a bit.

But what's the mod potential for this blaster, other than cosmetic? How tricky is it to take apart and tweak for improved performance (there's already a few locks I want to remove)? Does anyone have good reasons to hate this blaster (other than because discs aren't all that commonly used)?

There is a mod to change the pre-load of the spring with vortex spring blasters which can be fiddly but requires no extra parts. It's strange as there is one stronger and one softer position built in to the design.

You must have strong fingers and patience the first time you try.
I have done this on a few blasters but actually find it doesn't seem to spin the disks as much and isn't as "accurate" and just whacks the disks out so I changed them back. Maybe a personal preference thing or just my blaster didn't respond as well.

The disk sensor lock definitely needs bypassing or removing if you plan to use off brand disks as they are very fussy and won't let you prime with some.
This lock removal makes the prime much smoother overall.

I like the Vigilon but it's a bit bulky and I'd rather use a proton and a pocket of disks.

Ah, that's cool about the preload. I love mine tbh, totally impractical but still cool. Vortex blasters forced such interesting shapes . And, er, one massive rectangle. I kind of want to chop some up and see what else you can do with it.

FWIW you can usually fit 6 discs as long as they're genuine.

Got a pair of ebay recently, always been very taken with the aesthetics of the vortex blasters and the Vigilon has a very pleasing solid tactile experience to boot. I've found they can be reliably loaded with seven discs.

A nice vortex blaster, effectively the Maverick or Strongarm of the Vortex line.

It's only major downside is that it is not a great option for left handed players due the orientation of the loading door. Always looked very Scifi to me  Smile .

The Vigilon can defo fit 6 discs and I remember seeing this a year or so ago.

Hope that helps.

Mars1979: Cheers for that link! It looked so simple on paper, but it was a real ball ache to strip it apart - stripping my Centurion was easier! There are so many locks to come out, and trying to figure out what was a lock and what was an essential component wasn't the easiest of games to play. However, even though I've got 3 internal silver screws left over, and a whole bunch of extra plastic and springs sat in a tub, it's back together and working. The power increase is noticeable, though not drastically better. One cool side effect is the extra power causes the discs to make a cool little buzzing sound when fired.  

I found changing the spring position surprisingly easy, because rather than try and push the end of the spring back to the far setting, I pulled the white casing apart so you can wind the spring around, then (carefully) use the casing as a lever to crank the spring back; having already replaced to locating screw to hold the tail of the spring in its new position. Not an easy operation, but easier than I though it was going to be.

You can comfortably get 6 discs in the internal mag if you remember to push one upwards into the priming slot. If you prime the blaster it'll load one into the firing chamber, meaning you can still get 6 in the mag. So essentially this is a 7 shot pistol; much better than the originally advertised 5 shots.

One thing I've found you can also do with this blaster is prime it, then while pointing it upwards gently pull the disc release switch. This moves the disc to the front of the chamber, and allows you to re-prime another into the chamber. Upon firing you'll get 2 discs fired instead of one!

You have to be careful to not point the blaster downwards or move it about too quickly otherwise the front disc risks slipping out of the blaster. It also reduces the distance fired, but it's a useful "shotgun" effect that can be pretty useful in tight spaces with a bit of planning.

When I find time this blaster is definitely going to get some cosmetic lovin' too. It's definitely well on its way to becoming my favourite blaster.
Welsh Mullet

It's a nice blaster, though I like the diatron more. Also a shame its successor never made its way to the uk

Which one was that?
Welsh Mullet

That would be the ZombieStrike Fuzefire. 5 disk hold that you could reload on the fly, ammo storage, and firefly tech. But for some reason, I never saw one in a UK store.

Oh, that's cool, I'd missed the fusefire til now.

Ahh shite, this is going to get difficult and pricey to buy...

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