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Nerf carrying/transporting

So after doing this some time ago I decided to leave it as it was but have gone back to the idea of using this for events and things. I know it's not for everyone but there's a loads of pictures of this sort of stuff for Nerf, all opinions welcome positive and negative I know there's nothing personal


I voted YES,

I prefer a big tactical holdall. But the flight case is cool.

For me that's a bit overkill...... Very Happy

I haven't travelled anywhere yet with my blasters, but I'm super anal about them getting damaged so this is how I currently store them:


Thats a little more overkill now.
The Dark Kitten

I'll uplpad a pic lf what I use to travel to wars. It's pretty low tech.
If I wen with flight cases ...
1 in public transport I'd get stopped by police guaranteed (16yr old so probably stole it and I'm in that area)
2 it's bulky and heavy I walk every were and having that extra bulk reduces what les I can carry
3 much more expensive than a good bag.

My gear won't fit in something that size! Too small.

It's cool in theory, but it's kinda limiting as to how much you can get in there: you could easily full just 1 half with 18 round mags on their own! For a top tier primary that can break down into component parts, it's quite a cool idea. Given that quite a few folk like to take more than one blaster with them to wars, it's not all that practical.

Rab get a pic of your holdall up - it's awesome!

A flight case would work pretty well for someone like myself that has a very set load out but I can attest that I'm very different to average. I actually need to sort myself a bag for Nerf since my swim bag is falling apart. I'm very used to having all my day gear in my assault pack and then just wearing everything else. However that doesn't work for non-LARP events when people take issue in the guy wearing full camo wandering down the road and since BB isn't just at the end of my road... Very Happy

The theory is excellent. But for myself, like others have said, my stuff just won't fit. My current set up has me running 15 18 round mags, a choice of at least 5 primaries, and 3 or so secondaries.

I'm literally using a cardboard box bunged in the back of my car at the moment haha I like this idea though

The Dark Kitten wrote:

1 in public transport I'd get stopped by police guaranteed (16yr old so probably stole it and I'm in that area)

The Dark Kitten is only 16!?!?

North- I forgot to say what a superb job you did on that case.

This isn't the only blaster I' take to events lol I have a chest rig dump pouch more mags 5kg EAT lipo packs the lot.........

Thanks Oldnoob that's all I was looking for haha

I use this case for carrying blasters, twin main compartments can house two blasters each plus outside main pocket can hold two stryfe's.

And I use this bag for carrying my other bits and pieces, tac gear, lipo's, tools etc. etc.

Both work quite well, keeps everything orderly and easy to carry (ish) lol.

Heres the tac bag loaded for action

Bits for my refs stuff, whistle, pens glasses, paperwork

Tools, drinks, daughters stuff, first aid kit...

That pic doesn't do it justice mate!

dabrad89 wrote:
I'm literally using a cardboard box bunged in the back of my car at the moment

I'm exactly the same! Smile

Big blue IKEA bags for the win!
super gripper

Nerf Blaster Bags

For people who have spent a lot of money having a custom blaster built and painted or have done it themselves my sister makes fleece lined blaster bags.

She will any sized bag to fit any Blaster you want.

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