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Need work related suggestions

I'm looking for a management software. I can do this via google and I know lots of results will come up. But i don't trust what they say, especially the reviews online so I'm thinking that maybe I should just ask you guys. Maybe someone here has experience in this kind of software. Maybe you use a good one in your office. Can you give me good recommendations?

Our small company recently announced that they were planning upgrades and if we'd like to make a suggestion. I'm thinking that maybe we can use a good software so we don't have problems with reports and so that our work flow is more efficient.

Any ideas, suggestions, advice? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks!

What exactly do you mean by management software?

Are you looking for something to keep track of inventory and provide you with a POS? Perhaps you need to keep track of personnel and manage various diaries? Or are you simply looking for some software to help you keep track of invoices, diaries and orders?

Basically, the software you require depends on what it is you need to do with it. There are literally millions of solutions out there that all do different things.

Thank you for replying. And sorry for being so vague.
Something like this one software change management that my friend recommended. I need another one for comparison.

Project management isn't my field. Sorry bud.

All I can say is that most software providers offer a free trial. When I'm looking for a new package I download as many of these trials as I can and see which works best for me.

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