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What type of music do we all like? I love 80's rock especially bon jovi! Laughing

This is too gold to pass up.

You ready?  

Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Doors
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Billy Joel
Bob Dylan
Bon Iver
Dave Bruebeck
Eric Clapton
The Faces
The Small Faces
Fleetwood Mac
Peter Green
The Yardbirds
The Animals
The Who
The Black Keys
Janis Joplin
Marvin Gaye
Paul Simon
Syd Barret
Thin Lizzy
Tim Buckley
The Band
Roy Harper
Lou Reed
The Velvet Underground
Robert Johnson
B.B King
Albert King
Freddie King
Otis Redding
Muddy Waters
Son House

BBV, very comprehensive list! I like funk, metal, 50's rockabilly and electric blues, cheesy rock (good welding music!) drum and bass and proper hip hop (Public Enemy etc) plus a bit of bluegrass.
Pretty much anything that isn't chart crap.

\m/ \m/

\m/ Metal \m/

Amon Amarth are my current favourite, but I like many Metal bands.

I'm off to see Five Finger Death Punch in a couple of weeks \m/  Twisted Evil

Ive been into Metal for many years and have seen hundreds of bands at many gigs and festivals, But in the last few years have calmed it down a bit mainly down to misses kept on popping out kids but Ive sorted that now  Sad   Laughing  Laughing

The band I have seen the most over the years is Iron Maiden who I have seen 11 times so far, I have even met them  Twisted Evil
Then again I have met a few bands over the years including Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Iced Earth, to name a few.
But my most bizarre and almost certainly the coolest was when I met Ozzy Ozbourne in Oxford,
The story goes a bit like this, my mate rang me and said "you Fancy seeing Ozzy" I was like shit yeah where? He said "tomorrow in Oxford, he is doing three warm up gigs before his stadium tour"
You had to go down and buy the tickets in person and was all very low key but they sold out in hours and was mostly word of mouth.

Well anyway I saw him with his band and it was awesome, But after the show I was waiting outside for my misses to pick me up and I was eating some chips I had bought at the chippy, when out came Ozzy and Sharon Ozbourne and I was like "alright Ozzy"

He was like "awooo geeza chip" and he nicked a chip and got into a big silver limo driven BMW  Laughing  Laughing

P.S I should mention I used to live near Oxford and bands used come through there most weeks I used to go at least once a month \m/
depending who was playing etc

I am fairly eclectic with my music tastes. I'll listen to most things but I am rather partial to an 80's power ballad. My job requires me to go to many a gig covering a lot of different genres. The other week I was at a gig for a Taiwanese pop band called 'Mayday', before that I was on tour with 'Trivium' and 'Killswitch Engage'.

In my younger days I was a huge metal fan. To a certain extent I still am but I rarely get the chance to rock out. My favourite band is still Rammstein.

To this day, I have attended well over 1000 gigs and festivals and I haven't paid for a single one. I love my job.

I also love Rammstein, they are my number one best live band ever.

@UKNerfWar have you done pyrotechnics for Rammstein?
If you have I bet you were bloody busy Twisted Evil

Def Leppard
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Bad Company
Blue Oyster Cult
ZZ Top
Led Zeppelin
And many more...

I'm predominantly a cheesy rock guy myself, though anything semi-chiptune tends to also suit me wonderfully.

oukie wrote:
...@UKNerfWar have you done pyrotechnics for Rammstein?

They have their own pyro team but I have been at a load of their gigs. Amazing stuff. I was actually at Download last year watching their gig backstage. Blew me away.


On second thoughts it might have been V Fest. They all roll into one.

Na your right it was download

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