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Clockwork Wino

MTB Wolverines

With the new MTB Wolverines giving a predicted ROF of 16-17 darts per second, some nerfers may want to reconsider their loadout...


I haven't seen anything on these. Are the just supped up Honeybadgers? 180 or 130?

They are a 180.  Same RPM/slightly higher than HB's but bags more torque.
We have been able to do 15DPS for years, I really don't get the fuss. The reaper did 12@2s 3 years ago and will happily do 15+ on 3. 3240's pull 15dps on 3s. Smart players rarely bother with these super high rates of fire because in game situations mags rarely keep up with the feed rates especially as darts go off after a few rounds play. All live centre Britnerf standard gear is easily capable of single shots.
The advantage of a 180 flamethrower motor vs a 130 is better braking. The downside is current requirements. These pull upward of 40A EACH at stall.
People aren't going to have to reconsider loadouts, they are going to have to pay more attention to wiring and batteries.
Clockwork Wino

OldNoob wrote:
People aren't going to have to reconsider loadouts, they are going to have to pay more attention to wiring and batteries.

With the thought of a potential 90A going through the handle of your blaster I think the use of MOSFETs might suddenly surge.

BTW, Your wiring guide for the Demolisher using the MOSFET was a great help to me wiring XP180s into my Stryfe recently, many thanks for that.

Demolisher- I just followed the BSUK wiring diagram and annoyed Boff with questions until it worked!
I wouldn't use these as a flywheel motor on 2s, 3240's will shoot close (opinion, I have a pair of Wolverines for testing) with much lower power consumption. In a pusher the stall potential is much lower unless the pusher is mechanically jammed, which you can counter with a PTC in the +ve feed. I have been including that in my builds for 6 months or so.
MOSFETS have been a UK master plan for quite some time. They do work really well and have been tested for several years.

Expect a FET surge because we're starting to deploy more and more FET kits. Very Happy Next week should see the release of a FET based Rapidstrike kit what with all the Hellcats floating around.

I can't see why you'd opt for a Wolverine at all. It's essentially getting to the point of an impractical pissing contest to see how quickly you can dump darts all over the place. Real players use semi-automatic and proper fire control....

May have to invest as I'm about to put my 3 newly acquired hellcats into my latest r/s build.
But I also agree with the above although it nice to be able to brag how fast you can dump a mag full of darts but I prefer the trigger control to be able to single or double shot and pick targets off.

Would these be good for flywheel or not?

They'd work but they spin too fast to be optimal in most cases. There isn't really much reason to choose these over Hellcats for flywheels. Yes, they'd use a 2S pack instead of a 3S but, since you'd need a pack with over twice the discharge rate compared to that which you'd use with Hellcats, you'd likely end up with a larger pack in the end anyway.

I have to admit, the Wolverines have slipped through my radar so this is really the first I'm hearing of them. Reading through these posts though, I have to wonder, why did MTB bother? Is there an intended purpose for them or were they designed with the simple Aussie need for stupid amounts of power for no real benefit?

They want to unload an 18 in under a second. That's what I think.

Unless you are trying to tag 100 zombies yourself, a stryfe will do the same but with a lighter loadout.

If you're facing more than 3 opponents in a single setting, you've failed anyway. Just a little rule of thumb I have...

EDIT: Yeah, they're looking like these are to replace the 3240s as 2S flywheel motors not just as high powered pusher motors.

I have taken on 3 opponents at the same time and won. 3 strongarms vs me with a messenger (I won because they had never touched a Nerf blaster before).

I think they might be too hot to match the mighty 3240. I wish they just made a 3240, that's all I wanted.
Tired of hype trains. Wait for TESTING RESULTS.

Choo Choo

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