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Modulus and IMRs

Today I received 4x Torchy 14500 650mAh3.7v cells (the red ones that several people said I should get.

I popped 2 into the Stryfe I've rewired and noticed a faster rev up and greater velocity. I chucked 3 in and noticed pretty much instant rev up, greater velocity, and that typical whine we've all become accustomed to from such modified blasters.

I then tried the same in my Modulus, which has had the same treatment (all locks and resistors out, heavier wiring in, stock motors). On 2 IMRs it makes a decent whine, has a good rev up, and good velocity. On 3 IMR however it utterly screams. It sounds like it's running on some crazed Honeybadgers and a 3s LiPo.

So my question is this: what's people's experiences with IMRs and the Modulus? If I run the stock motors with 3 IMRs is it going to kill the motors after an hour, or am I looking at a few hundred hours of full spin before they're dead?

I should also point out that at this stage I'm not looking to do any more work to any of my flywheelers, because of cash flow and other projects, so please don't suggest things like "stick a LiPo and some Rhinos in there and she'll be alright."

3S is not recommended for motor longevity. 2S is usually good for them if you're not planning to do much else. Smile

If you want to run this setup for a while consider buying some cheap FC130 donor motors and swap in the carbon brush packs. I don't know if the Modulus runs hotter wind motors than other semi-autos (normally the motors in full-autos the RS only need 2S to achieve close to max performance whereas motors in semi-autos normally need 3S) but either way the stamped copper brushes won't last too long at higher operating voltages/currents. You don't want to wait for the brushes to fail before you replace them either as you'll probably find they do some damage to the commutator when they do go.

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