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MCM London Nerf War

Heads up for all of you guys that are visiting MCM in May, there is a group of peeps who are organizing a war.

It's important to note that this war is in no way affiliated with the forum, but I have a good feeling that these guys have their heads screwed on right. Details are as follows:

17:50 Saturday 23rd May

Meeting up at the statue outside the Excel centre in London for hand shaking and briefing before the event. Full rules and shizzle is available in the Facebook group but it looks like it'll be the usual fare in terms of rules and game types.

For more information, you can join the event on Facebook.

I hope to be there keeping the Britnerf end up and handing out some promo material, It would be awesome to see some of you guys there.

Dammm if this was a month later I would be there - The thought of a giant fluffy Tiger running around with a Stampede is very amusing!

I can't see any of the information as I don't have FaceArse. Can you add it to my calendar post? Or a non FB link?

OP updated with new info.

Any idea on how many of us will be attending?

I am coming, but to save on ammo I will be using a shield and melee weapon Very Happy
If they ask me to stop because I break the players, I'll whip out the EAT.

Gah, can't make the 23rd - would have been a great way to say hello in person!

Are these annual or slightly more regular?

Well if they're planning on making this a thing every MCM London, it would be twice a year in October and May.

I want to go to this but I'm working and my finish time is going to be entirely based on what time someone else finishes off their work, so I can't plan ahead enough to say whether or not I can make it.

OP updated.

Time has changed to 17:50

Couldn't manage to make it to this because I didn't get home from work till almost 5, but I've been wondering how the event went.

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