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Longshot upgrades

afternoon Gents,

Got my grubby paws on a ZED longshot this morning, and whilst I appreciate its not the best I'd still like to give it the pump/spring/sled upgrade treatment.

Funds are extremely limited, so it'll be done piecemeal. Are there any UK distributors of the separate upgrades?

I know there's a Worker job lot order about to go through, but I don't think  I'll have the funds before then even for the 25 bundle


Pump grip - you can make your own. Captain slug did an excellent one. Take a look on Nerf haven.

and this one is even easier

Spring - what about one of ON k26's?

Sled reinforcement is just a case of epoxying some thin metal plates to the L bend of the sled. I used some metal plates that were in the picture hanging section of a hardware shop and cut the excess off.

Retaliator is a much better blaster!


It didnt even occur to me to make my own. Thabj you for those links. Very much appreciated!

I have a 9kg spring you can have for 5.

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