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Liquidating the Life

UPDATE NOTICE: SORRY FOR THE DEALY I've been working really hard and haven't had the time to finish off the list yet, about half way through! I'll be done by the weekend.

I've been talking with a lot of you in PM if someones interested in something please PM me i'll try get you a quote faster.

Thanks again.

Hi Everyone,

I'm interesting in selling my whole collection preferably to one person/ home.

I've got around 1300-1500 worth of gear, Nerf blasters, mod kits, aftermarket parts, brass, springs... you name it i probably have it!(PICTURED IS JUST A SELECTION OF MAIN BLASTERS, theres alot more hidden away but were not talking about 100's of blasters roughly 20-25 fully modded plus all the gear) a couple of these blasters have 200 worth of parts in not even looking at the time spent on them (which is a sacrifice I understand I must make).

I will put together a detailed list if it's something people would be interested in.

I'd like to get around 1000 for everything together.

Obviously shipping on something like this will be ridiculous but i'm based in London, so I'm sure something can be worked out.

I've attached a small picture just to give you guys an indication.

The two longshots at the front are fully modded, one with brass one with artifact gear as shown.

All blasters pictured are FULLY modded.

Expanded retaliators, brassed hammershot, 18kg hotshock 16kg pink crush, 13kg duelstrike etc.

Yokyo kits, red dot sight blah blah it's endless.... Carbon fibre wrap...Xplorer parts, Roboman sled, orange mod works kits, hobby mods, metal retaliator sleds x3 etc...


I'd definitely be interested in knowing what tactical gear that you have (mag pouches, dump pouches, holsters, webbing accessories etc.), plus what spare springs you have. Though having said that, a comprehensive itinerary for everything would be equally awesome!

I'm afraid I'm not in any sort of position to buy a huge job lot (I doubt many of us are), but would definitely be interested if I can get my hands on various bits and pieces; if you'd be willing to sell separate rather than a one load.

I would strongly recommend a full list. I don't think you'll shift the entire lot in a single run, even with a full list. Smile

Alright, I'll sort it out tonight:P

I've got a selection of OMW, Xplorer, NerfTurf Springs...

Will compile a list but it'll take me a few days.

It'll be worth it - there are plenty of parts that I (and others I assume) are interested in.....

Yeah, reckon you'll have a few things I'd be after.
Sounds good.

I'd definitely take the hammershot off you!

May I take some 18 mags off you? (or other dart capacities)
How much would they be?

Hey lord sparrow, 18 mags I only have 1, everything else is 12 for Nerf and the rest aftermarket mags....

Sorry I didn't get a chance to compile the list for you guys last night will get on it after work.

Thank you all for your interest!

Much love x

I'd be interested in any mod kits you have and that white buzzbee slingshot thing I forget what it's called now pim me prices cheers

Franticblue wrote:
that white buzzbee slingshot thing

A bit off topic but -- Sentinel

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