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Leeds Nerf war - Saturday 13 June -any interest?

So it seems I have Saturday afternoon on the 13 June free. Summers here - sun might even come out - anyone fancy a (very short notice) Nerf war?

I'd suggest a couple of hours from 12 onwards in one of the parks in north Leeds - most likely meanwood valley.

Express your interest here - actual attendees only please. If there is enough interest I'll put up a post in a couple more days with some more details.

Damn. I'm LARPing that weekend. Otherwise I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Sounds good, but I'm probably a no.

Couple of factors - my eldest is at a brass band recital, I only have a handful of koosh, I have no gear/holsters, I have no transport (not allowed to drive due to partial sightedness), and the big issue... I haven't decided on a primary yet!

I'm thinking that I might pick up a second EAT at pay day and see if it performs better than the crappy one I have at the mo, and then maybe get the blasterparts mod kit for it

Depending on what time you are meeting and what time my daughters thing is, I might try and get there just to say hi though

No worries - I appreciate it is very short notice. If there is limited availability I'll just be pragmatic and we'll organise a better date in a month or two's time.

Likewise, I happen to be out of town for a week starting on the 13th. Should you do this again, however, I'd be all over it.

I can probably find 3 of us from otley to come, given enough notice, and potentially some from bramley area. Like I say, my main issues are lack of decent gear

Looking at Google maps, it's actually an easy journey for me, a bus to by st chads, and a walk through the back streets of teasingly to the park, maybe 30 mins on bus and 15 mins walk. What time were you thinking?

Due to a limited response (which is fair enough given the amount of notice) i'm going to suggest we postpone this event.

BlindgeekUk - i'll PM you about some alternatives. No point you travelling all the way to Meanwood as i only live a couple of miles from Otley so we could consider some even more local games.

This will be resurrected in due course - i've just developed a taste for HvZ....

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