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LED lighting loom switches

So as part of my build I want to add LED lights into my RC masterkey.  
I may be linking them through to the main loom but for now I'm thinking I'll just run it off a 9V battery through the big hole I made in the back.  
The twist with this is that I'm going to fit three micro switches next to the rack that moves back through the blaster as it primes meaning that 3 sets of either 2 LEDs or 4 micro LEDs so that all three sets are activated when the blaster is primed and off when it's not.
Anyway,  there's not a mass of space to play with so I want to know what's the smallest practical microswitch I can use?  It'd still need a lever (or actuator, or whatever it's called).  Links would be useful.  Cheers.

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