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I want to install safe class 2 lasers on my blaster but before I do so want to know if there's any specific rules or proof the event organisers who frequent here insist on or people have heard of when attending an event. I'm thinking that people may want to see the warning sign on them or something so if I do install them,  and there is such requirement,  I'll be wanting to make sure it can be seen relatively easily.

Some events will require the warning label to be visible, I know Green Cloaks do but I'm not really sure it matters. You need a class 3 to do any real damage with momentary exposure but who's going to strap a 150 laser sight to a Nerf blaster?

Most cheapo Chinese lasers aren't really tested thoroughly so you'll find a few that don't conform as class 2 anyway. A warning label does not a safe laser make.

Unless it's for larp or gemeral tacticoolness, what's the point in a laser anyway? You won't see a class 2 on a target in daylight and even if you do, you sure won't hit it with a Nerf dart.

It wouldn't bother me if someone rocked up at one of my events with a laser. It might be annoying for other players in a night game but during the day, I doubt you'll have problems.

Get an airsoft reflex sight instead, about 12 on eBay, and unlikely to get you in trouble if you rocked up to GuN

Unless you're missing for 'accuracy' even one of those will only be worth it up to about 20 feet

... I'm going to have one of those also..  The combination of the two will surely make the Modulus accurate up to 900ft? I bet I can hit the ground Every. Single. Time.

I was looking at the small additional faux barrel/detail that's held above the main one at the front of the blaster and thought it would be relatively easy to use it to mount a laser pen/sight and drill through the front.  Then maybe,  somehow link it in to the rev circuit..  Or have it on the Led circuit with a microswitch on the trigger throw.. Or link it into the Lidar..  Or the GPS system for the cruise missiles..  Or something. It's called Project Ambition for a reason Smile [/img]

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