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Starfalcon Tactical

IMR's help!

So I have done some research on IMR's and have discovered that there are plenty of variants circulating the internet. They seem to be used heavily by vapers and I am not sure which ones are legit. I would like to know what variants other Modders use and if someone could provide me with a link to said IMR's and also is it safe to use an official trustfire charger with IMR's or do I have to buy a specialist one.
Thanks in advance
Starfalcon Tactical

P.s I am curious to see just what the results are from overworking a trustfire and am currently preparing an experiment to see exactly what happens in a controlled environment. So that people can see the results of using them. To dispell any myths that are currently circulating on here. I hope to upload a video and will notify people when this is uploaded.

Torchy IMRs are reputable
Starfalcon Tactical

Thanks do you mean these?
And are they compatible with a trustfire charger?

Those are flat tops. They don't fit in Nerf Battery trays, you want button tops.

Trustfire charger will charge IMRs. You don't need a specialist charger for IMRs.

I have tested these button tops and can confirm they work. PM me if you need dummy cells.

I have the torchy flat tops and can get two to fit in my Stryfe with two dummy cells and also my cam blaster but not much else, the only button top ones I could find were the 16850 ones I think and they're more C sized so don't fit. Can you get button top AA sized ones?

Yeah Al, ive got some red efest button tops. Will post the details when I get in.
UK Foam

What is the mainn difference between IMRs and trust fires


Please use full sentences when posting and keep threads on topic. This sort of question can be answered either by Google, the forum's search function or, assuming neither of those answer your question, posting a separate thread in Q&A that is directly related to the topic at hand. Thanks. -Boff

daniel k This is why trust fires are bad. IMRs are safer, a similar price, and more powerful.

Just a note, I fixed the link on my IMR post so it points to batteries not the Centurion mod topic!
AWT button tops, linked in that post are fine, work in everything.

Also- post moved to questions, because it's a question!

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