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If this comes out here I want some...

Sorry for posting a vid (not mine!)

Dartzone Powerball.

This looks fantastic!

Yeap it looks pretty great. I think you could easily put a nice big hopper on that as the hopper can be detached.

I hope they do cheap refills for the balls too they look pretty nice!

Other option would be to add it to the Christmas list for the American outlaws to send over!

Yup, just saw this and added it to the *need* list. I'm a huge fan of the Apollo, but with a bit clear hopper this thing could be the perfect springer

Yup! that'd fill the gap until I can afford a Nemesis!

Yes! Anything with balls and I am game!

Gonna add these to my US and A shopping list!

For anyone whose first port of call for Nerf news is here and hasn't seen yet - these take rival stick mags and it removes the issue with gravity feeding. Coop did a review on it too so it's clearly doing the rounds that side of the Nerf world.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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