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I need some help

So, not exactly Nerf but close enough, I recently bought an off brand blaster called the Huntsman. Sold in Wilko stores. I tried opening it to get parts separated for painting and then as I opened it a few pieces popped out of place, I am now currently unable to put everything back properly and I was hoping someone on here would have some insight on this.

Search online! I'm not familiar with that particular blaster, but someone with have internals photos online. Do you have he Spring version or the air pump one?

The Lanard Huntsman is notorious for being pointlessly impossible to mod and fiendishly difficult to put back together. The only person who might have internal pics for you is UkNerfWar.

OldNoob wrote:
The only person who might have internal pics for you is UkNerfWar.

I'm pretty sure ShadyDaze has had his apart too.

Never taken mine apart as from what I've read this blaster is a poor candidate for modding and difficulty putting it back together. this has a few images not perfect but it might give you some info on putting parts back in.

I found some internal pictures online and I can confirm that it was a pain to put together again, the springs are so difficult to keep still

2nd the pain-in-the-arse-ness of the Huntsman. It's a good bit of fun though.

I have a full set of high res photos on my Facebook page. AFAIK they're the only set.

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