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I'm back!!!

First things first. I apologize for my lengthy absence from the forum. Shit has hit the fan and i have had things that have had to come first over Nerf. Second of all, I would like to welcome and thank all new members that have joined and contributed to the community.I am truly chuffed with how well this has all turned out and i never thought it would become so popular!
  Even though i went "underground" for a few months, i can assure you i have been monitoring the place and with the help of UKNerfWar, i have been slowly activating you peeps' accounts.
  Anyway, i have decided to put more time into the forum, so if you have any queries, ideas, or requests run it past me and i will see what i can do.
  I will also be more active when it comes to modifying blasters as i suppose that's the point of making a Nerf forum eh?
  Anyway, once again guys, thanks!!!!!!

Welcome back buddy.

Welcome back Mr Site Owner.

Nice to meet the big cheese Very Happy

Welcome back my friend! I might be able to contribute to account activation a bit, depending on how much work is involved. I am very interested in continuing our rapid expansion.

Welcome back man, Great to see you back, Can't wait for your future mods!

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Announcements
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