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How best to find electronic components?

Hi all,

Recently it was suggested to me to protect a pusher circuit with a voltage regulator with a PTC thermistor.  After reading up key specs to look for from...
... I embarked on a quest to find something suitable. After searching ebay and continually getting heaters of all flavours suggested (seemingly regardless of filters) I got put onto RS Components as the best place to look and decided to search for this and a P- channel Mosfet that could work as a killswitch on a 2xHellcat 1x Wolverine RS build (still not decided on this..  Still looking at it).
RS components has a lot of components..
A lot.
.. And the detail given with each listing varies..
Is there any way of quickly finding components you need or do you have to trawl through every site looking at everything?
Is it just my search-fu letting me down or is it really this soul destroying?
.. And would this P- channel suffice or is it's upper and low gate thresholds indicate it's no good?

I get a Mosfets from Ebay,  Bright Components. A good source of PTC's is the blasters own ones, we take them out all the time, why not re use them? I also use the ones from Blade 180's. Not found a god place to get them otherwise. PM me if you want one. I will ask a few people about where to get them.
You can also use a regular fuse to protect circuits.
Fastest way to find components is to have the serial number. Otherwise it's a case of using the site filters to narrow the field.

RS and Farnell's parametric search is great if you know what you're looking for. Smile

In the case of the MOSFET you linked, it'll do the job. It's rated at 70A continuous so should have a sufficient avalanche current to handle the fact the Wolverine pulls 70A at stall at 3S on its own.

In terms of specs for FETs, you want to look mostly at the Source/Gate voltage and Source/Drain voltage. Those two need to be within your specified ranges and in the case of the P-Channel FET linked, they're well and truly within the maximum you'd expect for using LiPos. The 55V Source/Drain voltage is fine and the +/- 20V Gate/Source voltage is likewise fine. The gate threshold voltages are a little fuzzier to explain, I'll leave that to others to explain but it's a combination of resistors, gate charge and some other bits and pieces. For Nerf, between 2V and 4V is fine. The standard IRFZ44N and IRLB3034 are both 2V-4V FETs from memory and they work just fine.

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