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Hornet's Nest : Harrogate [READ DISCLAIMER]

[DISCLAIMER : If I cannot get at least 30 people to attend this can't happen}

Hornet's Nest : Harrogate

Hornet's nest is going to be a medium sized Nerf war that will either be held in harrogate or very near.

Entry to first one : 5 (to pay for darts and materials)

Entry to 2nd and onwards : 2 (to pay for darts and materials)

We will be playing a few normal game modes, HvZ, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag and more but we have 1 or 2 game modes that you won't see at many other Nerf wars such as large scale Trouble in terrorist town and Hit list.

FPS limit : 160 Free dart limit : 50 (you may bring your own but the odds of getting them back is slim) Blaster Limit : bring at LEAST one! (We have very little loner blasters so bringing a few would be VERY appreciated. All of them will be returned at the end.)

Now more complex rules(not really)

1. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a adult. Under 18s must have consent.
2. No arguing or cheating.
3. Everyone must help with the dart pickup at the end of rounds.
4. You must bring eye protection.
5. Blaster's must either have a stock paint job or have a bright color scheme.
6. We will supply 50 darts to each player. if you want more you will have to bring your own.
7. Don't purposly ruin stuff and if its not yours, don't touch.

So, if someone else has experience organising things like this please help me Rolling Eyes

Other than that, thank you for reading and more details will emerge as we start to confirm arrivals.

Bye! -NorthernWarrior

NorthernWarrior wrote:

Blaster's must either have a orange tip or have a bright-isn color scheme.

You just said that you can have an all black blaster with an orange tip and it will be fine, please change it to "Blasters must have stock or a brightly coloured paint job."

I might be able to come, it depends on the date though.

thanks Smile edited

I'm afraid asking for 30 people to commit to an event in Harrogate with no known venue or specific date just isn't going to happen.

To get this off the ground you'll need to make sure you have a guaranteed place to play (see other threads around Birmingham for an example of how not to do this) and then stick a date up when you can make it and want to run an event.

Sometimes you have to take a chance and run things at a loss/with small numbers and as your reputation grows so does the event. We might even come across as it's just down the road from us if you are offering something unique that Grim up Nerf isn't providing.

Charge more for the first event, you won't get 30 people, please talk to myself or UKNerfwar if you need support with game organisation or help with dart pools.
Your break even point needs to be 15-20 people.
Rest looks fine, good luck.

Ok, Thanks for the advice guys Smile

I'll come up for this if I can and I'm willing to pay extra to drop the participants to break even

I can potentially make this event and bring two more potentials with me, but it would depend on like said before the date as I a have a few family commitments coming up in the next couple of months.

Hi, this certainly sounds interesting, and more events in the north are always welcome.

Whereabouts in the Harrogate area are you thinking of hosting this, and when abouts?

Myself and the other Grim Up Nerf organisers are willing to help you get your first event going, and are willing to lend you our Magical Refilling Dart Bag (tm) and saftey glasses so that your initial event cost can be lower.

If you're coming to GuN7 on saturday, have a chat with us and we'll see what we can do to help.

Good luck with this - seeing new events spring up is always good for the community.

You may well have to take a loss at the first event but with the advice already offered on this thread, and more to come no doubt, you can't go wrong in the long term.

nb. Did we ever get the "shared information thing" off the ground on here?

Still working on the Game Organisers Pack, as well as future expansion of games backed by the community as a whole. Keep an eye out. Meanwhile we are trying to support as many games as practically possible.

I've sent a PM. Let's make this happen.

sorry to be a problem but due to my parents getting angry and saying "you don't know how to organise anything" i can't make this happen. sorry for causing any problems, I'm so annoyed. will delete asap Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Sad guess this is what happens when your parents don't like Nerf


Not wishing to pour on more misery but please don't double post. ON.


More likely it's parents who are sensibly concerned that organising an event exposes you to a lot of inherent risks, especially an event at your age and experience.

Like we've said, if you come to GuN on Saturday, and we hope you can, ahve a chat with us

I don't think you've created problems! Well done for giving it a go.

Ultimately, parents do what they think is best and we all on this site back them 100%.

Let them know that we'd love to help out with something if we can though. There's a lot of experience on here, so new organisers don't have to go it alone ^_^

If parents wish to discuss anything with a representative of the site or have any concerns for your safety then please have them message me or email via the site for my public phone number. Happy to talk over any issues.
Your parents are rightly looking after your internet safety, this is why we don't encourage under 18`s to get involved without their parents being present at events or organise without parental assistance.

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