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Happy Birthday BritNerf!

That's right! Our humble little community turns 5 today but before we announce this years competition, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody for all of the support and for keeping the forum going.

It's been a big year for the community...

We smashed the 700 member mark.
We continue to see the ideas and practices developed on this forum spread throughout the NIC
We've seen GuN establish itself giving the northern members the wars they have been wanting for so long.
Hendon was the largest community war ever with more than 10 active forum members in attendance (and a few equally valuable lurkers).
We've seen lots of new members get involved with the community as well as some old members returning from hiatus.

As we grow, it's nice that the sense of community grows too and as we all get to know eachother, I get the feeling that we're closer to an epic Nerf war in the near future.

Thanks for the A&M team for keeping everything neat and tidy. Thanks to all the members for being awesome and thanks to Hasbro for pumping out the new products.

Here's to another year!

As always, we are celebrating the forum's birthday with a little competition. Details can be found in the Announcement Forum.

Happy Birthday and may there be many more.

Happy birthday britnerf! It might not be the biggest or the loudest but this really is a bloody good forum, the mix of knowledge and enthusiasm is ridiculous.

Happy birthday

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Announcements
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