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Grim Up Nerf 10, Sat Oct 8th, 12:30-5, Farsley Leeds

As Autumn hits harder than a FVJ, can we repeat the success / chaos (delete as appropriate) of September's Grim Up Nerf?

Grim Up Nerf 10, Saturday October 8th, 12:30pm until 5:00pm, Farsley

Octobers event is another one at the larger Farsley venue, and again like previous months, depending on the player makeup on the day, our games/times will change, with kid friendly games from 1 till 3, and 13+ in-depth games from 3 till 5.

We're handling the opening slightly differently this month. If you arrive before 12:30, we'll ask you to wait, so that we can setup the venue safely. Doors will open for registration (and we'll have someone on the desk to handle signing in) at 12:30, and we'll accept people arriving up to 1:30. But at 1:30, we're going to close the gates!

Games will start at 1pm, so the sooner you arrive and gear up, the better. Kid friendly games, such as MeatGrinder, FreezeTag, HvZ, Bomb run, and Predator will run until 3pm, and then, if we have a lot of adults, we'll be switching to Special Farces based team games.

For the 13+ game from 3pm onwards, the usual rules will still apply regarding under 18ís needing to have a responsible adult on site at all times to ensure there are no child protection issues. These game will finish around 5pm, giving us time to tidy up and leave by 5:30.

There will be a side room set aside for BritNerf members to store their equipment and do any maintenance work without interupting the briefings. We ask that the blaster you use during kids games has a 100 fps limit, and a 130 fps limit for 13+ games.

Also new this month, we'll be implementing a 'player of the month' award for the all age games, with a prize awarded by the marshall to the player that they feel has embraced the Grim Up Nerf values the best. The first two months prizes for this award have kindly been donated by TanithLord.

Please remember, our loaner box has changed - we'll only be bringing front-loaders, such as the Strongarm or Hammershot, and some Rebelle blasters.

Date and Time
Saturday 8th October 12:30 - 17:00 †

The war will be located at the Church of the Latter-Day Saints chapel, at Priesthorpe Rd, Farsley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 5JR.

Grim Up Nerf is free to attend, but all attendees are invited to contribute the princely sum of £1 towards darts, materials etc so that we can keep doing it!

Loaner Blasters
There will be a selection of front-loading springer blasters at the event. After signing in, you will be directed into the main hall where you will be helped to choose a suitable blaster.

I've got some new twists to HvZ this month, and we'll be trying a new variant of Bomb Run. Game rules will be explained before each round.

Age Restrictions
To keep Grim Up Nerf an accessible to all community, we have a recommended minimum age for players of 8 years old. We have found that kids under this age can struggle to prime a blaster, don't fully understand our rules, and have a lower pain threshold. It is at a parents discretion if they want a 6 or 7 year old to play.
Allplayers under 16 years old need a parent to remain on the site throughout the event, and 16 to 18 year old need a permission form signed by their parents.

Safety and Behaviour
1 - We expect blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, with an orange tip. I.e. nothing to alarm the locals or other building users. We wonít be slowing down to assess performance so if youíre primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.
2 - We will be providing ALL Koosh/Elite darts to be used at the event. If your blaster requires a different dart type, such as discs, mega darts, or missiles, you are expected to provide these yourself. No FVJ's are allowed.
3 - Eye protection is required and some will be provided, glasses users do so at their own risk.
4 - Anyone under 18 requires parental permission, and under 16's require a chaperone. Consider it an excuse to get your dad or mum playing.
5 - Between games you are expected to help recover and reload darts. Weapons must be holstered, slung, or placed on tables in an unloaded state between games.
6 - If it's not your's, don't touch it without asking
7 - Any abusive, threatening or rascist behaviour won't be tolerated.
8 - By attending, we consider this acceptance of the above rules, and your acknowledgement that Nerfing is not without risk, and that you are playing under your own will, and will not hold anyone else liable for any injuries that occur.
9 - No smoking, drug taking, drinking, or swearing on the chapel premises.
10 - And above all else, it's only a game, have fun, and donít be a silly billy!‎

Keep your Diaries Clear
Novembers Grim Up Nerf will be on Sat 12th at Farsley. This will be our last event of the year as we're taking December off due to a busy schedule of Christmas events.

We'll be back in the new year, with "Grim Up Nerf 2.0", new rules, new blasters, new tactical gear... Look out for a series of special anniversary events, in person and online, around the 30th of Jan, to celebrate one year of Nerf Wars in Leeds!

Wait, 100fps limit?! I think I might have to run my 90fps messenger during the kid friendly games.

Don't worry, I will be attending.

We're not worried about that - more worried about issues with fps limits and eye protection and that's why we need to control it a bit.

Can't make it this month,  Sad  my new sentinel will have to wait till next month

Well I guess I'm going bow only again since no other blaster I've modded falls under that limit. Weird that the bow does, given its range.

Rule changes all make first!

Hopefully will have the second rapidstrike finished it time for this for the 13+ games.

Most springers, even with an upgraded spring, should be under that 100 fps limit.

Flywheelers are a bit more restricted. A stock stryfe, with rewire, but no other changes, running on 2s should be under the 100 fps limit.

Ironically, I'm one of the worst affected by this rule change!

blindgeekuk wrote:
Ironically, I'm one of the worst affected by this rule change!

I'm just thankfull I've only just started with LiPo, as all my blasters were running on IMR's with stock motors so should be fine. The Golden gun and my new project will have to be saved for the older games.

What this does mean for me though is that I'm now back to duel weilding stryfes with 36 round drums Smile

Won't manage to make this one but we shall look into getting down for November maybe and definitely be back in the new year, the kids are begging to come back down Very Happy

I'm in for November too

After the great work you did with the hobbymods group order, it will be good to put a face to the name

Preserving Grim Up Nerf's reputation for keeping games fresh with wacky rules tweaks, this month see's the introduction of:


6 of these beauties will be hidden during the kids HvZ rounds. If you find one, hold onto it, because if you throw it at a zombie and shout BRAINS!!!, the target, and all nearby zombies are distracted for 30 seconds while they find and consume the delicacy.

lol I'm loving the brains addition.

Thrown caution to the wind and booked up for November, Have a blast this month, catch you all again next month Very Happy

Sign me up!!!

I won't be making it to this GuN, I will be there in November, I promise!

Can we dye the brains pink with fake blood?

They are already a pinky grey colour. I spent the other night picking out the lines on them in a variety of funky colours... (yellow blood vessels anyone?)

Franksie, Al, Dustybin, I look forward to seeing you all again in November. I'll have to make sure its a good one


Grim Up Nerf have taken the Trouble in Terrorist Town game type that NorthernWarrior and Rooster taught us and made it our own:

Everyone starts in a circle, 3 Luddites and 1 Mill Owner are chosen at random using a pack of cards dealt out. Red card = Luddite, joker = Mill owner, black card = mill worker. Only the Luddites know who they are, everyone knows who the mill owner is (provide flat cap to identify?)

All players are asked to close their eyes. The Luddites have 10 seconds to reveal themselves to the other Luddites

Players then have 60 seconds to disperse

Objective is for the Mill owner to discover and shoot the Luddites and protect his workers, Luddites objective is to eliminate all innocent mill workers, the mill workers objective is to tag the luddites while not tagging other innocent mill workers.

The Mill Owner is immune from being shot

When shot, players must sit down where they were shot

During play, any player can ask another player (dead or alive) what role (Luddite or Mill Worker) they are. The player must answer truthfully when they are dead.

Only the Mill Owner can ask a dead player who killed them and the player must answer truthfully

The Mill Owner can shoot any player, however if they wipe out the innocent mill workers the luddites win

The Mill Owner/Worker wins if all the Luddites are tagged before all the Workers are. The Luddites win if they tag all the Workers before they are tagged.

Tweaks seem reasonable but you should probably clarify who the workers can shoot if you're going to clarify who the owner can like that.

The workers can shoot anyone, but if they kill an innocent the detective/mill owner can shoot them with impunity. It's too try and make people think before just randomly blasting.....

Hello again. Im hoping to attend with some friends, however their guardian is not able to attend. We will still be chaperoned, but could you send me the registration forms so their guardian can fill them out and we would bring them with us to the event. Thanks

I've got a flat cap if needed Smile

All forms are on the website,, in the Join Us link on every page

Note: our registration forms has changed, and now asks additional questions re: photography consent, modding etc, so we need people to redo them if possible

Do any of the registratiin forms need to be done if im over 18?

If you're over 18, we just need you to have read the code of conduct and filled in the registration forms and signed the liability waiver. These are now in one single file in the Join Us part of the site, or available on the day

Fantastic thank you. Looking forward to my first grim up Nerf event!

A quick heads up - There were complaints made after last months event regarding the language used by players - I don't know whether it was caused by BritNerfer's, or church members, or the locals, but given the previous incident of smoking, we're skating on thin ice due to player behaviour.

I'll be seeing y'all there!
It'll be good to get back to doing some Nerf

Skuzzer you still running that demolisher?

Yeah i am indeed. Changed to IMRs now though

Cool! I've got a missile for ya then

As I was not able to attend, how did the new rule set turn out? just wondering  Smile

Thanks for introducing trouble in terrorist town. New rules seemed to work OK - I enjoyed being the mill owner even when the game became a case of trying to dare the Luddites to act and they all had their poker faces on! Hard to know who to trust and who to shoot in those circumstances 😀

I got way into that game! So much fun. It so tense that I was looking for a reason to just shoot everyone!

Indeed when everyone was in the car park in one group it was so tempting to just spray everyone with darts lol even when not being a terrorist !!

But a big thanks needs to go to the guys who pull this event together every month for everyone's enjoyment !!

Especially BGUK who ran the games alone this month! Superb job. And thanks to everyone for coming and making it amazing again! Skuzzer and mr Crane joined us for the first time and it was great to see you guys! You know where Mr Crane is on the field because you can hear his distinctive Stampede amongst all the revving which goes on at GuN. BGUK's Rapidpistol is dead impressive too! Even more so in the flesh!

After Action report can be found here

Topic locked. Smile

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