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Forum 'Ownership'

As you are all aware, we have some big ideas for our little corner of the internet. As we plan to move forward, we are held back by the subject of forum 'Ownership'.

The MFF system basically regards all forums as little dictatorships where the person who created it has full control over the forum. Whilst the other admins have a certain amount of power, we do not have the authority to access the forums logs or (more importantly) transfer the forum to another system.

BritNerf was created in 2011 by a chap known as BNWnerf. He, along with a group of likeminded individuals founded the forum in order to create a platform for the UK community after the more established forums had grown crowded. He is incredibly proud of the forum and so he should be. As is often the way with life, BNW soon found that he nolonger had time to spend on the forum and drifted away from the hobby in general. As such, he has not been active on the forum for many years.

I contacted him recently and discussed our plans and he agreed to relinquish ownership to another admin. He agreed on the proviso that he retained his account for posterity (he remains proud of the community he created). After discussing this with the bods at MFF, they emailed BNWnerf but it seems that progress has ended there. I don't know whether he has not replied to the admins or they're too bogged down at the minute but we need to make some progress now before we loose the forum forever.

What we need to do now is essentially start a coup.

In lieu of a formal request from the forum owner, MFF will recognise the will of the majority and transfer control of the forum to another user. Without this control, we will not be able to transfer the forum and everything the community has worked for may be lost forever.

We're asking everyone to post below if you agree that this needs to happen. That forum ownership needs to be transferred to an active admin so that we can move forward. So far the A&M team have nominated myself as the new head honcho which I am prepared to take on but if you have an opinion on that then please make yourself heard.

For transparency, you can find my conversation with MFF here

I agree with handing ownership to UKNerfWar

I agree that the ownership should be transferred, as per the above.

I too agree with handing control to UKNerfWar

I agree with UKNW proposed idea

Mandatory agreement with the above post. Smile

I will support this coup.

I agree with the above transfer proposal.

I agree to hand ownership over to UKnerfwar

I agree with UKNW taking ownership.

Man the barricades and prepare the guillotine! Vive la revolution!

I agree that ownership should be transferred to UKNerfWar.

I agree to the proposed idea of UKNW taking ownership, here here.
Welsh Mullet

I agree with UKNW taking ownership

I also agree to the proposed plan of ownership being transferred over to UKNW to enable the forum to live on.

I agree with UKNW taking ownership.

I spit in the face of democracy and declare independence.

No not really. I approve this change of ownership

I agree too!

I too am loyal to El Presidente.

I agree with UKNerfWar's above statement.

I agree to the handing over of ownership to UKNerfWar.

I agree with the above statement and that ownership should transfer to UKNerfWar.
Clockwork Wino

I agree that ownership should transfer to UKNerfWar.

Agree with the transfer of ownership to uknerfwar.

Yeah nah yeah nah nah yeah, Forum ownership should be transferred.

(In the kings English that is "Yes, Forum ownership should be transferred")


Agreed with the above proposal


I am in full support of UKNW taking ownership.

I am in agreement with the proposal to transfer ownership to UKNW.

Agreed. Forum needs to continue.

I agree that UK nerfwar should take ownership of the forum

Based on the information at the top of the forum being 100% correct, and the previous owner having stated that they agree, and based on the previous owner being permitted to retain an account with their preferred user name, I agree.

I would prefer it to be done 100% with their say though through the official channels.

Justajolt wrote:
...I would prefer it to be done 100% with their say though though the official channels.

I'll admit, I thought a simple exchange would suffice since the forum owner is essentially is the overlord as far as MFF is concerned. I think it's still being done amicably. I guess this process is just a formality to ensure that the community knows what is happening. It also prevents a hostile takeover by a rogue admin.

UKNerfWar wrote:
It also prevents a hostile takeover by a rogue admin.

Curses foiled again. I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling modders and your damn Boff....

First #Brexit Now This!

Haha I too support the new ownership

I fully support ownership of this forum be placed in the capable hands of UKNerWar.

I agree with handing ownership to UKNerfWar.
He is a well known and active member of the community.

And we know (roughly) were he lives. Twisted Evil

I agree that the ownership should be transferred, as per the above to UKNerfWar.


I agree that under the circumstances, the "ownership" of BritNerf should be transferred to UKNerfWar.

Sorry BNWnerf... seems we're under the gun here time-wise. No hard feelings!

Starfalcon Tactical

I completely agree that UKNW should be made admin, absolutely.


I too agree with handing control to UKNerfWar

I agree with handing ownership to UKNerfWar

I agree

Thanks for your support everyone.

Just a note to say that we now have access to the forum ownership so we can finally begin the process of striking it out on our own. We'll keep everybody updated on the process and there'll be a big announcement about our plans next week.

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