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Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Saturday 9th May

We're very pleased to host our second skate park event at the new Transgression Park venue.

Ages 8 and over, 4 big games in a fantastic arena.

Tickets are on sale now via this link:

Videos of previous events can be seen in my signature link below if anyone hasn't seen what we do - video of last event will be done in next 2 weeks - Northwind came along and loved it - it sold out in advance (for the 3rd time in a row) so if you want to come along don't hang about:)

Well it had to happen - we finally ran a skate park event where we didn't even come close to selling out.

Out of 40 tickets on sale, we sold 12. Loads of our regular families couldn't make it for a change. Added to my kids and other ref's kids we had 16 players. And you know what - it was awesome.

8 v 8 in a massive skatepark had me worried, but the 15 kids and 1 Dad made the most of the space and we ended up having the best 2 rounds of Domination we can ever remember! 1 team ended up getting down to 5 seconds left on the clock (from 1 min 30 sec) before they lost control of the timer!

Given the space the 2 Zombies we picked were struggling to cover the ground, so I removed my ref's whistle and lent a hand - 3 minutes later I was knackered!

It's not always about making a profit, and god knows we made a pretty bad loss on the night, but the feedback was great and everyone enjoyed it so it was worth it.

The Dad present wore the Go Pro on a chesty rig all night so the video will be an FPS special - will post it as soon as I get it completed.

What a change from last time! Sorry I couldn't make it, definitely hoping to be at the next one.

It's taken me an age to get round to this but here's the event video Smile

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