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Foam Dart Thunder - Edinburgh - Sat April 4th

We're very pleased to host our first skate park event at the new Transgression Park venue.

Ages 8 and over, 4 big games in a fantastic arena.

Tickets will be on sale later this week - event details are on the FB page here:

Videos of previous events can be seen in my signature link below if anyone hasn't seen what we do Smile

Hopefully some of our forum members can make it along or maybe some lurkers will see this post Smile

Sounds grand, I should be there!

Nice one! Look forward to a chat Smile

Ticket update - 9 of 40 sold within 48 hours.

I've decided to duplicate the Xmas advent calendar idea, this time for Easter, so for every ticket sold we'll donate an Easter Egg to my local foodbank. 12 tickets sold so far...

40 Easter Eggs delivered to local foodbank and all 40 tickets for tonight have now sold out.

Northwind - see you there Smile

Looking forward to getting shot in the eyes by a small child

Sadly cant make this one. Will be their for the next one though.

And by parents of said kids Smile

Have fun tonight

Safety warning- when running up a skate ramp, you should make sure you know what's on the other side. If instead of the nice big flat bit you're expecting, there's another skate ramp, you're going to end up falling out of the sky like Wile e Coyote. I may sue.

I'll do a proper review later but what a brilliant laugh... Was relieved there were other adults to tame the weirdness (*) but the kids made it, great balance.  And brilliantly run, it had that effortless feel that you only get by putting in a stupendous amount of work. Tigger scares me a bit  Laughing WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION NUMBNUTS!

So yeah. What a blast. Little girly stryfe worked really well too.

(* you can only tame the weirdness so much; we're all weirdos doing a weird hobby. But there's "LOL grownup playing with Nerf guns" weird and then there's Special List At The Police Station weird.)

Thanks for the feedback mate.

We loved the new venue - I'm sure we have footage somewhere of your epic ramp fail - it might make the final video, you never know Wink

Are you missing an unmarked 18 clip? I have found one this morning and I know you brought one - let me know Smile

I think I might be but don't worry about it... I used a whiteboard pen to mark things and it all came straight off    Embarassed Just add it to your pile though

So I finally got round to doing the video for this event (I don't believe this to be a necro - hopefully mods agree).

This was our first event at this new skate park so it was good to get new angles as we'd done 6 videos at the old park.

Hope you enjoy - we ran an event on Sat 9th May there so I'll get to work on that vid now Smile

Oh - and can anyone spot Northwind?

For the record, there's an exemption to the Necro rule: you can add significantly to the content of the aforementioned discussion and the Necro is fine. A video of the event that you finally got around to doing is fine. Smile

Thanks Boff! Was expecting the red text there.....

I run like a fanny Sad

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