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Flywheels for the fearless fire

Anybody know if the fearless fire uses the same flywheels as a stryfe?


Hey, thought I'd contribute on this one.
I've just been getting my fearless fire ready for a full upgrade, and got some worker stryfe flywheels, having seen that the stock wheels are almost identical.
The stock stryfe wheels fit just fine, but the worker ones needed a ttim to the flywheel cage. Had to sacrifice a screw port Sad
Stock wheels you should be fine though, so long as you make sure they're all the way down the motor (Spindle? Shaft?).

Was the sacrificed screw port from the cage, because if so be careful as you my experience increased vibration from the motors/flywheels.

Ah ok, was actually thinking regards after market flywheels any idea if artifact ones would be any better or are the a specific fit to their own brand cage.

Artifact ones are not specific to their cage. If they increase the crush in a stock cage (not looked at that yet) then you won't want that, also they are really badly finished, with wildly varying weights and some issues with true as well.
I would get the Worker MODULUS wheels, these are slightly smaller and won't need as much trimming. See Supergripper's post on three types of worker wheels for the part number.

If you want to try a pair of truncated artifact wheels let me know

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