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Flywheel/Motor Combinations Chart

Right, I'm sick to the back teeth of the same question popping again and again so I've resolved to make a damn chart.

Introducing the Master Nerf LiPo/Motor Combo Chart

This is still a work in progress and focuses on UK based availability. I'm pairing LiPos, motors and the appropriate tray expanders. If you know of chronograph data that exists then please let me know, I'm trying to pre-empt as many questions as possible here. The idea is that this is one vast community resource using all the stuff that we have accumulated over the years. Smile

Thanks mate!

Shared to Reddit, the link points to this post so
Hi Redditors- welcome to the best Nerf forum on the web...

No pressure to get this finished then. Razz

That's dead useful, especially for relative noobs like me! You and OldNoob are actually amazing in terms of your organisation and methodical approach. Cuts through the chaff. Just saying.

Agreed with all the above, very useful chart.

I shall be referring to this allot.


I've updated this this morning for you fine folks. It now includes a column for recommended pack currents so if Hobby King are out of stock, you know how many amps you need your pack to supply. I recommend always selecting for continuous rating and using the burst as extra head room in the event of a dodgy data sheet. Smile

I've started to add chronograph figures. There are a number of blanks at the moment so if you come across data of more than 10 shots with stock flywheels, stock cage and koosh shoots then I'll take a look and add them in.

This is extremely useful. Thanks for putting this together for everyone.

Awesome Stuff. Cheers for this and all the other hard work you main guys do


Updated this morning with Rayven and Demolisher packs for both 3S and 2S. Smile

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