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Electrical Wire?

Some of you may have seen my build-a-long thread where I'm integrating a Stryfe and a Centurion. I've now finished my wiring for my ammo counter/volt meter/camera etc but it's not inside the blaster yet, it's currently all loose and attached to breadboards etc.

Now my plan is to mount all the components (that it makes sense to) to a sheet of styrene that will be attached to the inside of the blaster. This will make all the circuit easier to attach and remove if nessessary and I can build as much of the circuit outside of the blaster and insert when finished.

Now comes the question....wire?

I have some wire I got from Maplin a while back, its got a solid core and it's not great to work with so I though I'd get some nice wire for this job, as currently everything is wired up using jumper wires between the pi, breadboards and components.

Does anyone have any recommendations as I'm not really sure what wire I should be getting?

Higher current stuff, up to 30A burst. The linked seller does all the standard colours.
This seller is also good you want 22AWG for all the smaller components.
The easy way to specify wire is to work out the max current load, multiply by 1.5 and then look at wire specifications to match it. Silicone insulated is much easier to route than PVC and can handle higher temps without melting. The standard british wire measure is the strand count, then X sectional area. More strands and bigger x section = better current carrying capacity. AWG stands for American Wire Gauge which we use for Nerf, lower AWG = thicker cable, higher current. Higher AWG = thinner cable.

Perfect thanks, I've already got the wire for the actual blaster, just wasn't sure what would be needed for the smaller stuff.

For hooking up electronic components the wire you use isn't critical - you can get away with using scrap pieces removed from the original loom if you want to make use of it.

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