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DSS Saturday April 29TH

I'm going with DSS as Davidov's Saturday Skirmish is a bit much to say every time and the 3 letter designations seem to be a thing all the cool kids are doing.

Privet Comrades!

Wars planned for the last Saturday of the month at least till June, posts will be going up to confirm each month.

!!!!! Please take the time to read the entire post as most questions are answered, especially dart and blaster related, we still had unsafe darts turning up to the last day !!!!!

Date & time
Saturday 29th April 11am-4pm

The war will be located in Sunny Hill park in Hendon, north west London, meeting near the main entrance carpark, pass the café to find the Nerf types opposite, near the tennis courts. Once people are gathered we will be using a few different spots for games.

The parks café website, with maps etc is this is the nearest source of lunch but there are lots of shops, pubs and takeaways by the other park exits.

Those travelling by London underground have a short walk to the park where they can take note of which pub/takeaway looks like their favourite option, busses have a choice of Hendon central or directly outside some of the park exits depending on which direction they are coming from.


Death matches to get us warmed up, team/individual/one shots followed by a mix of supply drop and defend and destroy as time permits up until we break for lunch.

Other games TBC - Looking for 4 people willing to run a game over the course of the day, or help to run one.

Nothing else seems to end the day on as high a note so will likely finish our day with a variation on zombie.

Safety & Behaviour
1- Blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, nothing to alarm other park users, performance will be on an individual basis. I won’t be slowing things down to chrono so if you’re primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.

2- Darts, Nerf, koosh and waffle tips are good, as a rule of thumb anything without compression will be a no, so no Full vinyl jackets, voberries or nipples etc. They are still turning up and I can't stress how big a problem this is due to the chance of injuring not only each other but random onlookers and their children, if you do not know what the difference is please don't assume. Use this guide as reference

3- Eye protection required for little people and advised for big people

4- Anyone under 18 needs parental permission, under 16 a chaperone.

5- Above all else, don’t be a prat.

If you made it this far yet again I look forward to seeing you there.

Sorry I keep forgetting to say that I'd be willing to help run games.

n_g wrote:
Sorry I keep forgetting to say that I'd be willing to help run games.

woop, well once I am back from an event next weekend I'll get in full gear of planning with people.

Pencil me in

Signed up to the forum mostly to post here and ask a couple of questions. Awesome to see something happening so (relatively) near me, I look forward to attending.

1. Would anyone be driving via Kilburn and willing to give a lift (I can provide petrol money)? I would normally get public transport, but if someone is able to give me a lift, then the range and type of blasters I can bring increases hugely.

2. As a rough guide, how much is too much when it comes to modded blasters? I was mostly intending on using my modded Demolisher, but its a lock removal, rewire and 2s Lipo job, still stock flywheels, motors and cage. Would that be okay?

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you all soon.

I can answer your blaster question- That set up is well under any limit!  I should also remind all players that the law change on KE is now passed so if you are in a public place and you have a springer shooting OVER 130fps with 1.1g darts you will be technically breaking the law. Please don't be the test case for Nerf.
To do that you will want a 10kg+ sealed breech or an air powered, so most of the common blasters will still be fine.
Flywheelers are exempt at present.

Thanks for the prompt response. I'm a complete noob when it comes to wars, started collecting and modding in January.

What would the FPS limit be on Megas, considering the approximately 2.5g mass of those darts?

You are going to need to be over about 110fps with Mega to top the 1j limit, so far more than all available upgrade springs.
To be in trouble with plod you first have to be acting like dicks, which will never happen at this event! You couldn't have picked a better game to be your first war.

OldNoob wrote:
[snip]...You couldn't have picked a better game to be your first war.

You'll make me blush

As OldNoob has said, you're unlikely to be in danger with that, but rule of thumb is do you think you're going to be in trouble if a stray round hits someone's child passing by. I lean to the side of caution as it's in such a public place and we've even gotten passing kids joining in as of the last gathering.

Hopefully someone will be able to sort the lift but either way it should be a good day regardless of what blasters you are toting, I still end up using unmodded pistols most of the time.

Will be attending if all goes to plan! I'll bring a similar blaster selection to last time for some loaners...

Will be attending again, will bring team bandannas again also.

I'll be coming, possibly bringing a friend as well

Glad to hear it people, last check - anyone wanting to get involved with running a match or two?

I'm also up for moderating a game or two.

Woop, weather looking like it will be the best we've had yet, bonus of low winds even.

Look forward to seeing people at 11, just past the playground and park gym is where we usually loiter until things kick off, just look for the restless bunch with Nerf blasters waiting to start blasting each other if it's your first time going, they won't be hard to spot.

Yep. Now trying to decide between darts and discs at the moment. I presume Vortex is allowed?

Swiggity swooty I'll be bringing my booty.

Yup, if you want to use vortex then you can (no home made discs)

See people tomorrow at 11, I'm heading off for the night.

Have a great day today guys, wish I could have been there.

Because you're not here the perfect weather outside is going to turn into a hurricane you know, we've been so lucky so far we can't afford to change anything and jinx it :p

On an other note.
I'm going to see how long I last today using just the big salvo.

Many thanks to all who attended today, I'm making the after action report post now so head there.

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