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Double springing??

Ok, the practice of addind an additional spring to the stock fpring used to be a fairly common mod, but now seems out of favour as theres access to better aftermarket springs.

So, whats the pros and cons of double springs these days ?

And if you had a 4kg spring and added a 6kg spring is that equivalent to  10kg or not much more than the 6kg any way🤔

Doubling springs doesn't always simply give you the sum of their (very innacurate) ratings.
It depends on their sizing, you would need both springs to fully compress without interfearing with each other. Usually the worst examples of double springing involve two similar sized springs twisted together and stuffed into the blaster. This is never going to be good, as neither will compress cleanly and fully, as well as potentially binding and due to the resulting longer compressed length, putting more pressure on the catch or not catching.
Double springs can work where one is a larger diameter than the other, with the other spring nested inside. This happens with longshots and other wider diameter plunger tubes. HOWEVER in order to get full benefit from the second spring it's compressed length needs to be very close to the main spring and it should achieve a similar level of compression WITHOUT fouling any part of the other spring.
A single higher power spring is nearly always better IMO as it solves all the above potential problems whilst (usually) fitting very well and hopefully hitting it's advertised power.
Some modders, notably Chris Cartaya, use a second spring to gain even more power in smaller plunger systems, often with spacers to fully compress the second spring which may be smaller or shorter than the main due to space constraints. This does work but resulting component strain on toy parts usually leads to blaster death.
The simple solution to not having a powerful enough springer is to use a bigger single spring where possible.

As oldnoob has advised, I've tried the Chris Cartaya method of double springs in my retaliator with good results in terms of performance improvement, but compromised by the exposing of weaknesses in the shell design. Most notably where the small struts holding the plunger tube snapped after relatively little use.

Would I do it again. Probably. But I'd at least remove that weakness/move the failure point in the system elsewhere.

Cheers guys,
I'd been watching Rob (SBNC) double dealer mod guide again and he does pretty much as you'd mentioned ON and it looked a pretty solid mod. I'd just been intrigued to the various merits to this kind of practice.

I also only replicate mods or use parts backed by solid performance test figures. Otherwise you are only guessing.

My double law bringer is double sprung. The stock Lawbringer and additional stock hammer spring added. They work well with no spacer and can compress nicely into the gaps as the stock spring never fully compressed. I went through a few combos at first, upgrade spring didn't add much power, I then added a Jolt spring to that but it was very hard to prime and catch and sounded like it was stressing the shell and parts so ended up with the double stock springs and found that to be a good medium, used it loads with no problems and huge performance increase. I did chrono it at Grim up Nerf with jolts chrono and was getting high 80's as an average with a high of 105 which wad nice for a Lawbringer ( but that was jolts chrono Wink )

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