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Discord Chat MONDAY 27th Feb 9pm- With Special Guest

Yes it's chat time again!
No agenda this week, though people are as usual welcome to share recent experiences at games etc.
I have a special guest arranged for this chat, all will be revealed on the night.
You will need Discord and the link to our server, PM me for a link.
If you are under 18 please check with your parent/guardian and be aware that although Britnerf CoC still applies in our Discord server it is primarily an adult centred chat, as we are an adult forum. Parents if under 18's are welcome to listen in or join and may contact any member of the admin team to discuss any concerns or questions they may have.
The Dark Kitten

Will be these again. Can't think of much to add in fairness but still

Cool, I've somehow managed to miss the last two so I'm down for this one!

Ill try to be there this time, no murdertrips to Sweden before this

A heads up: these events are well worth joining in on, as you get to chat with others in the BritNerf, and wider Nerf community. And everyone usually goes away with some ideas on how to improve a mod, paint job or game.

If you're new to discord, or haven't been on in a while, remember to check the pinned post...

What BGUK says.

Not only are the Discord chats well worth a listen (I actually just have it on like a radio show in the background as I wire LEDs and LASERs continuously) with the different accents it gives you a feel of how widespread the community is.
There's even some guy from the mythical land of the 'boonies'! I think you get there though a cupboard lined with fur coats or something...

Totally forgot about the last one - diary note made.....

I'll do what I can to be there, but likely can only make an hour.

Kabump. Reminder that this is tomorrow, folks. Smile

I might not make it on at 9pm but will join a wee bit later Smile

Right you lot, I'll be hosting a war round up from 2000GMT until 2100GMT on the channel prior to our special guest turning up. Anyone who wants to war froth before the main event needs to tune in from 2000GMT. Muggins here will be hosting before handing over to ON at 2100GMT. Smile

Aargh! Would have loved to get on tonight but I'm up to my eyes in it at the brewery 🍻
Then I'll still have a good bit to do when I get in,

Would appreciate the "highlights" like last time though.

Have fun troops.

You can log on and just listen in through your headphones while tou work  Very Happy

bigal123 wrote:
You can log on and just listen in through your headphones while tou work  Very Happy

I'll probably be doing just that as I've ended up with my own organising meeting happening tonight, dare say I may share highlights with the people I'm talking to.

Good to see so many of you tuning in. If you want the link don't leave it too late as I have organising and cooking to do before hosting.

Is the 9pm chat just for the special guest or will other chat happen as well? I can't make an 8pm start for a muggins of war froth.... 😀

9pm is Special Guest. There will be other chats in future where we can war forth so don't worry if you can't make the Boff Hour. Smile

Damn - just saw this but will have to miss. First thing in the morning here and manyManyMANY things to do... Will know to look out for another now though!

Thanks to everyone that participated yesterday, even if it was a reverse Tea Party in some places. Razz Seriously though, thanks to our main special guest, Rob Lehr from Thunderdome and guest appearances from Drac, Bobololo and JayNerf (hope you got home safe, chap!).

I don't have a highlights thing because my memory is weapons grade shit. If someone else wants to fill that, in please do.

We got a lot comments about how it was like a podcast so for future chats, I'm thinking of recording it and publishing it on an appropriate YouTube channel. I'll set up a separate thread discussing ideas and bits and pieces for that, just thought I'd let people know. Smile

Well done on last night's chat - as a non-modder it was great to have so much event based chat. Gave me lots of ideas too. Looking forward to the next one.

Damnit will some people add me on steam or fb and poke me when these chats are on, my life is continually ruined by missing them QQ

I'm loving the idea of these discord chats possibly being recorded and put on YouTube for the possibly future as I unfortunately can never join in the main event due to working.

Dazzle740 wrote:
I'm loving the idea of these discord chats possibly being recorded and put on YouTube for the possibly future as I unfortunately can never join in the main event due to working.

Same here. I know that I'll stay to the end if I start listening and as I get up at 4am to go to work, that will leave me half asleep the throughout next day.

That sounds like it was a fantastic chat! Well done for organising, Boff! Highlights post welcome ^_^

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