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This was the favoured date in the poll. No special guest this time, agenda will be-
Battle of Britain latest
Other war Bews- Wolfpack, GuN and FWA all had games this last 2 weeks.
Tech Day frothing

Please note that this chat will be recorded and pod-casted (somewhere, don't know where yet) so by signing on to the main voice channel you consent for you to be recorded and disseminated.

Yeah, I got Audacity working so we can have a pod-cast type shindig for those that can't get involved on the night.

EDIT: We are on in 15 folks! See you there.

Good chat. Very enjoyable, though I got no where near enough done and I snapped a Reed switch. I don't want to blame the chat, but...

I wonder how much Boff is going to have to edit out

Nope, it's going up raw apart from ON and my shitposting at the start in the moderator channel. Razz Y'all can just listen to me whinge and complain a lot. Very Happy

Had to pop out part of the way through, so will catch up when it's available!

Chat all chopped up and being rendered. I shall upload in the morning when it's done. Smile

I had it playing via Bluetooth through the car stereo whilst driving to work but missed the last 20 or so minutes due to getting to said place of work and having to then go do some actual work, so will look forward also to what I missed as I enjoyed being able to listen via the discord app (thanks to TBR for showing me that one).

OldNoob has kindly agreed to host the thing here. Listen again for Battle of Britain updates and plannings, war happenings and Foam Dart Thunderboxes! Very Happy

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