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Discord Chat- I Survived Easter Weekend- 17th April 9pm

9pm start, likely topics-
War News
Weekends mods

As usual if you don't use Discord get the app then PM me for the server link.

I'm a firm maybe on this one. Just back from GC and not sure what state I'll be in. I'm not as fucked as I usually am but my voice is pretty worn out. Smile

Good to hear you will at least be listening!

Should be good for some of this one at least.
Will have mostly finished work by then so will grab a wee beer and enjoy some nerfy chat.

It's been a while since I've done anything Nerf for various reasons so il join in on the chat

Would be really good to have you in North. We need to look at a south coast group.

I'm going to pass, folks. I've got a regiment de-brief to do post GC. See you at the next one... Smile

bugger I forgot.

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