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Demolisher parts

Does anyone know any sites to find and demolisher 3d printed parts???

Cheers - Liddlink


Moved to Questions, as it has a question mark in it. Please post in correct forums.

Sparky2504 has a few bits for the demolisher

Blastersmiths have lots of demolisher parts, including motor covers and battery doors as well as more useful things like rewire kits and mod motors.
Cosmetic parts like the ones on Jodocast etc are not as common over here. We tend to make stuff from scratch.

The ones on BlastAways latest vid are from 3D Printed Solid. Their catalogue looks pretty cool but I haven't actually had any so can't attest to their quality.  Looks okay from Drac's and BlastAway's vids.

Minky wrote:
Looks okay from Drac's and BlastAway's vids.

Never trust the opinion of someone who got the parts for free. UK Nerfwar has bought from most places, ask him.

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