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Demolisher barrel material

Hi troops,

I'm looking for something to use as a barrel for demolisher missiles.

I've measured the Nerf demo tube at 17.9mm. The barrel on my sonic blastzooka is 17mm. I cant get the calipers into the sonic bazooka barrel without opening it again but its a tighter fit, only problem is the rockets are getting split at the ends, combined stretching and higher power I think.

So my options are 16mm outside diameter acrylic tube and maybe pad it up with insulating tape.

18mm o/d acrylic tube, hopefully not to much of a stretch.

Or perhaps an old raider barrel or some thing?? Maybe?

Any ideas or alternative suggestions?

Thanks in advance folks.


I made mine with a whiteboard pen I had lying around, it's slightly tighter than I might have chosen but it works well. I don't have any more but you could do worse than to take a missile along to ryden's and spend half an hour looking like an escaped mental patient.

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